• 2007 AAR League

    I like to let Russia have Norway - that’s one extra Inf per turn where it really counts. This can work if Germany left Norway totally empty, and the UK takes or clears out Karelia. Just blitz a tank from Arc / WRus, and Presto: +3 to the most cash-starved ally.

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    I concur, Russia is better off with Norway.  However, most German players will attempt to ensure that England or America gets it instead of Russia for that very reason.  Notice, I said ATTEMPT TO ENSURE because it doesn’t always work out that way.

  • Russia has to over extend itself to take Norway. its usually fighting to keep karelia, and sometimes Archangel if they attack belo R1.

  • I like Russia to get it as well, and round 1 is, IMO, the best time to get it. Just throw everything you can at it, and pray for the best. It is risky, but the benifits are well worth the attempt. First, it means you have eliminated one German fighter plane. Secondly, You have reduced the German front line infantry by 3! Which means Karilia will have that much less coming at it. I also suggest a strafing run on the Ukraine for good measure, as well as the mandatory attack on W. Russia.
    Germany will want to invade to get it back, but it will stretch their resources thinner along a much already too wide of a front.
    If Germany does get it back, UK can soften it up enough so that USA can then take it firmly in round 1 to build your IC there. Just be sure that you have a sizable Russian army to take Karilia on R2 and hold out the Germans long enough for UK to reinforce Norway.
    Crazy Ivan

  • 3 attacks on R1, even if one is pre-determined to be a strafe, is 1 attack too many.

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    As I said, I like Russia to get it.  Don’t mean they will. wink

    In fact, I think I said America and England usually get it.  But in that rare case I can just blitz a tank up or walk an infantry from my Karelia stack into Norway, it’s golden. 🙂

  • I think UK needs it the most since it has the job of attacking the Germans first. UK’s IPCs are going downhill rapidly, and it can’t mount much of an offensive on ~24 IPC income.

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