• Am I the only one where these forum pages load really slowly ?

    True, I’m on a slow connection (tiny share of neighborhood network) and other forums are slow too, but this is the slowest ! What about a poor modem user, like I used to be not long ago ?

    Would the limiting problem be processing at your server, or too much data to transmit over the Net here, or too complex data (many small files attached, needing one to know the next) ? There seem also a bit too many cookies and background-processing things.

    (Not only on your page, but many other modern pages suffer from same problems to me. What happened to old reliability and KISS ?)

    I’d also propose increasing the number of posts (or topics in directory) on one page from 15 to 25-30.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Nope, prime time and weekends suck for server response times.  Usually times out for me too and I have 12 MBS download speed.

  • This forum is a bit slow, especially General Discussion.

    But that is what “multi-tasking” is for… a bit of Youtube music surfing while reading forums and everything is fine 🙂

  • In other words, do you think the A&A.org server is the only bottleneck (factor limiting performance) - and not my link here ? Typically I have flows of 5-50 KB/sec and 50-200 ms reaction time.
    Now my Ping www.axisandallies.org times 164 ms. Don’t know how much is from my link and again, how much from overloaded server.

    Maybe both are involved, say the server sends all components in X seconds, they arrive here in Y more and I don’t enjoy the X+Y.

    So is something that may be done both to ease your server’s load and final performance to slow accessers like me ? Maybe having an option to simplify some of the graphics, scripts etc. and everyone will benefit in going their main interest better.

    And what if I don’t always enjoy multitasking ? 😉 Some Youtube music videos are nice, but that’s more like 3/4 of time loading and 1/4 playing…

  • In your case Magister, it most likely is a combination of factors.

    Your ping time is slow (on a speed test, I typically ping at 31-34 ms) and your bottom-end download speed is also slow.

    Combine that with a slow response server (A&A.org), and you are going to get some very poor results.

    If you are on Cable, then you need to do some work on your system.  Perhaps too much running in the background, or perhaps you are in need of having a “system tweek”


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