• I was wondering if anyone had any cool tech stories to tell  :mrgreen:

    I haven’t any experiencing rolling techs against other human players than myself, so the story I have to tell is assuming all techs researched for all powers.

    Boy a boy did Germany have a good first round, those fighters being able to reach all over the place (poor SZ2!) and setting up those rockets to hit 3 ICs on the next round. Come to think of it Japan had a nice first round too.

    But it went downhill really fast for the Axis. As good as having 3 German rockets is, it became very very uncomfortable when the 3 Allies used 2 rockets apiece on the German production sites! -_- And all those naughty Allied fighters flying around unchallenged as bad, as well. Poor Axis, they lost!  😢

  • 2007 AAR League

    If you are referring to the OOB NAs, nobody plays the Superfortress Rule from OOB for that very reason – it’s very unbalancing (not to mention absurd) that American bombers should be immune from AA fire.  That, and it’s flat wrong historically.  American bombers got the WORST of the flak because we Americans, unlike the British, insisted on bombing in broad daylight, making the flak gunners’ job much easier.

  • I’m talking about techs, not NAs. Rockets are AA guns that turn into SBR machines.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yeah, sorry – a little tired here.  We don’t play tech really at all on these forums.  It’s bad enough that it’s a dice game without gambling on whether you get the “right” tech.  You said something about American planes flying unchallenged — that’s what made me think about the NAs.

  • Hehe what I meant was 6 range fighters with immunity to AA guns  :evil:

  • Larry Harris himself has said that he hates tech.

    So I hope and believe that tech will be removed altogether in the 5th.ed. rules sometime in the future.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I like tech.

    You can waste a lot of coin on tech and get nothing.  Or you can get an advantage your enemy is lacking and reverse a losing game.

  • Techs should be less luck-dependant, cheaper and weaker.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    They are.

    You roll for the technology you want and the techs in most regards have been severely weakened.  Heavy Bombers don’t do 3d6 damage anymore.  It’s 2d6 take the best ONE.  (Max units killed by a HB per combat round is 1 unit now vs the 3 you could potentially get in classic.)  Industrial tech is gone now too. (Or every Russian player would be rolling for that one on Round 1!)

  • Mmmm… I play only with faq, not LH rules. Never played classic. You are true, tech is weaker now, and less luck dependant than classic, but should be cheaper (still cost 5 IPCs) and safer (so a failed tech could give you a bonus or else).

    Think rockets are still overpowered for Germany: about 7 IPCs less for USSR, and 3-4 for UK in a round. Ouch!

  • I think the NA sucks, it does not make sense, and 1 round a unit is worth 1 Hit point, after that it is 2 or 3?

    That’s rubbish.

    Techs are ok, but the heavy bombers should be dismounted, because for example England can use 3 bombers, survive with all, hit Germany per bomber with 10 max, letting Germany pay 30 (right? It is the IPC of a nation max for each bomber isn’t it?)

    That would mean Germany could easily be destroyed

    (you only need to get those 3 bombers and survive . 😛 )

  • Sproit, I do not understand the binding between NAs and units being worhty 1 or 3 hit points. Please elaborate.

    NAs are really funny and allow to give different features to the battling powers. Games with NAs present new tactical and logictical problems and allow for new solution. I think they are interesting, at least.

    In OOB rules max damage a bomber can do is limited by the territories value but the damage inflicted is the score rolled. So three UK bombers attacking Berlin may score three 6 and then doing 18 IPC of damage to Germany.

    With LHTR, max damage all SBR and rocket attack may do in a turn is limited by the territory value. So in the same case, three UK bombers attacking Berlin may do max 10 IPC of damage to Germany.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator


    Think of it this way.  1 Day America did not have the Atomic Bomb, the next day they had two of them.  It’s the same with tech rolls.  One day you do not have the ability to use it, the next day you do.

    Also, no, Sproit, Heavy Bombers do 1d6+1 IPC damage in Strategic Bombing Runs, not 3d6 each and the limit is per territory per country turn.  That means that if England had 1000 bombers attacking the IC in Germany, the most Germany would have to pay is 10 IPC.  I don’t care if every bomber rolled a 6, the MOST Germany has to pay is 10.

    However, the average normal bomber does 3.5 damage in an SBR.  3.5 X 3 = 10.5 or half an IPC wasted.  Good tactic if you are lucky.  5 Bombers England (3 Germany, 2 S. Europe) + 5 Bombers USA (3 Germany, 2 S. Europe) and you should be doing about 32 IPC a round in damage on any given round.

    As for units being worth more then one hit point, don’t know what you mean.  Sometimes you defend better with an NA then normal because you are dug into bunkers.  Sometimes you attack better because you have surprise.  It’s actually pretty logical if you think about it.

    Though, NA’s in LHTR 1.3 are a lot more fair then LHTR 2.0.  In 2.0 I have YET to see the Axis win a game.  I’ve taken down some really good players as the Allies using 2.0, even when I hamstring myself!

  • 2007 AAR League

    I’d like to play with pre-assigned techs, just to add a little flavour. Take the chance out of it by just giving everyone 2 techs or whatever.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Every Nation gets 2 NAs + 1 Tech.

    Allies pick 1 more NA and 1 more tech for the nation(s) of their choice. (ie both don’t have to go to the same country.)
    Axis pick 1 more NA and 1 more tech for each nation.

    That could be fun!

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