Nifty british move

  • on your first shuck to karelia bring your aa gun instead of a tank .It pretty much makes your fleet invulnerable to german airforce  and you get a little air cover for defense.hey it frees up your bb for other things  all you need there are transports ,and hey if germ want to hit em …Please DO! theyll have to face 2 aa attacks and the trannies def fire… 😄
      oh and btw thanks to all you guys…AND jennifer…lol for all your ideas and help as to revised …ive been playing aa since i was a teen ager mainly with my cousin…who always …always kicked my butt…well using combinations of strategies ive leeched from everyone here thanks again i beat him 3 in a row he doesnt know what to say…he wont call me ….ahhh…
    he’s been torturing me for years, finally payback…you  all have made me a solid player and i look forward to playing with and against you all…   

  • 2007 AAR League

    Butt-kicking’s are administered here every day for free!  😄 (And you don’t have to see us at family reunions!)

    Seriously, join the League and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and have fun.

  • ive been meaning to ask…where do i sign up? 😄

  • 2007 AAR League

    You sign up by posting a reply in this thread:

    Immediately after that, ask for opponents in this thread:

    On your AA idea: Note that AA:s onboard ships do not fire. Only when they are in a land territory does AA:s fire… (or am I ignorant of some change in LHTR here …  :?)

  • He did state taking the AA to Karelia, which puts it on land and able to fire.

    Two major flaws though:
    1.  The Luftwaffe only faces 1 AA shot inbound to wipe out the TRNs
    2.  They do NOT take fire on the return flight (AA does not fire in NCM)

    Now, if you do not pull out the BB (or other capital ships to defend the TRNs) then it may be viable… IF Germany cannot take and secure the territory making UK (and Russia) face AA fire from what had been the Allies’ own gun…

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    Also, you’d have to build another AA Gun to defend England or Germany WILL exploit the opportunity to Strategically Bomb you.

  • Or just move the EUS gun to UK…

  • well i always play always on aa so they shoot both coming and going right?and sure build 1 aa for brit, but its a winning move and you have an aa for your bourgening stack in karelia.

  • Ok yeah no aa on ncm….well still anything that lures germ air units into danger w/o land unit support is a winner in my book…heck its a trap ill trade uk trannies for germ fighters bombers all day long…ok its not the be all end all move…that i was all exited about posting …but ill use it every time.

    any how has anyone noticed how uncannily accurate AA is in triple a…i don’t fly over em if i can possibly avoid it…any kind of bombing campaign is suicide for allies …oh a whole turns builds wiped with a die roll …ouch…no stratiegic bombing for me thanks…heck even for live board game i don’t like throwing turns ipc over AA…

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    Yea, TripleA’s broken.  The AA Guns there have like a 50% chance to shoot you down if you run the numbers. 😛

    At least seems that way.

    Anyway, almost no one plays always on AA Guns.  The rules stipulate that AA Guns only fire in combat rounds (Combat Movement and Conduct Combat) but do not fire in Non-Combat moves.

    Still, an AA Gun + 1 Transport + 1 Battleship + 1 Russian Submarine is a bit much for the German airforce to chase on Germany 2.  Especially considering the plethora of easier, juicier targets.

  • Oh i think i was misunderstood,Im not saying for  uk1 move i just mean your first good shuck …whenever that is.Turn 3 or so … once i commit to a karelia shuck (with  russian support i wont go unless its too big a stack for germ to contemplate…)its just my navy i was always concerned about …especially if germ  air is intact 6 fig 1 bomber

  • I like dumping the US AA gun in Karelia, they usually have extra transport space early on when I overbuild transports. It makes me mad as Germany to see an AA gun in Kar and Ukraine. The Russian fighters are happy trading Belo, while using art in Ukraine and the British are helping out in Kar  :lol:

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