• I’ve never played the miniatures (or the board game for that matter), and I’m interested in starting. I’m mainly a Wizkids Pirates gamer/collector. Can you give me some pointers for a newb?

    Which set do you recommend?
    Are all the sets still accessible in stores?
    How long are standard games?
    Are the rules easy to get or does it take some time to study?
    Do you feel like A&A is more of a collecting hobby or a playing hobby?
    Are there any promos out there for a newb to try out?

  • To be honest, wait a month for the new “re-release” and then dive in.  It’s a lot of fun.

    (And if you want a taste to see if you like the game, try plaing here online via PBEM).


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    Defineatly a good time to start is next month.

    The best part of this game is it’s simplicity.  Don’t get too caught up in realizam when you first start.  For example, don’t quit playing when a russian sniper takes out your stuka  :roll:

    The best place to get started imo is Ebay.

    A standard game is about two hours when you first start, maybe a little longer.  They get shorter after you get familiar with your units.  then they get longer when you start adding more units to the battle.

  • What is the re-release about? Why are they doing that?
    I’m really interested in the War at Sea set. Is that currently out? I thought I saw a pre-order on a website and so I was confused.

    OK, last question for now:
    Why isn’t the Contested Skies set more Aircraft focused? I saw there were some, but with a name like that, shouldn’t it be solely aircraft? Oh, and are there any bombers in any of the sets?

    Thanks for the patience guys.

  • 1.  Re-release is my term, not theirs.  But in any case, they have select say 60 units from the past 5 sets (some being variations on a theme, some unchanged) are releasing them in the next set…a kind of “greatest hits” release.  The big change is that they, from that set forward, will release all vehicle in the correct scale.  Before then the vehicle were all on the small side when placed next to an AAM soldier.  This is probably really great overall, but for those of us who already have a mess of minis, it leaves us with having to have the same unit (say a Sherman) in two different sizes.

    2.  War at Sea is out and seems to be quite popular.  It’s a newer game based on the same mechanics (from what I hear).

    3.  Well, the introduction of aircraft was a substantial change to the game so they really wanted to tout that.  Still, it’s a game about the WWII battlefield and for every fighter there were thousands of soldiers, tanks, and other vehicles.  The Stuka is a dive-bomber.  It’s a battle-field-level game so I don’t anticipate units like the flying fortresses (but I could be wrong).


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    War at Sea is very similar to the land minis. Collectable pieces with stat cards with there point cost and abilities and combat values. Each unit has a certain number of attack dice and you roll to get “successes.” Enough of em and you damage ships or force planes to abort their attacks. Some units can enhance other units and so on.

    It plays quick. If you are looking for a detailed Naval sim you might want to search out some other rules. But the minis are okay (Some of the rares are very nice) and the game is easy to learn and I think it is fun.

    I may have mentioned this already but the game has The Enterprise.  🙂

    Here is a link to the gallery.


  • To the contested skies question, alot of the ground units have abilities against air units or abilities that enhance your air units, so thats why there are a lot of tanks and soldiers in the Contested Skies set.

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