• Okay here is how it works:

    There is a nice hexagon board.  So 3 players.  The front row is of Infantry but each space contains 2 Infantry.
    Tanks w/4 red chips, Artillery w/2 grey chips, fighter w/3 grey chips, Bomber w/red chips, Flag/capital/factory symbol chip, Bomber, fighters, Artillery, and Tank.

    Infantry 1 Hex
    Artillery 2 Hex
    Tanks 3 Hex
    fighter 4 Hex
    Bomber 6 Hex
    Factory/Capital 1 Hex

    All battles are determined by dice.

    Picture of the map: Click Here

    Each player begins with 20 dollars.  They are able to spend this money as they see fit.  New units that are purchased, are placed at the end of their move in a space vacant to the factory.

    Chips represent how much life a unit has.  Hence when the more higher units have more lives/chips.

    Attack values and Defense values for each unit based off 12 sided dice:
    Infantry: 2,2
    Artillery: 4,4
    Tanks: 6,6
    Fighter: 7,7
    Bomber: 8,8
    Factory/Capital: Na/Na

    A player is elimated when a capital/factory is taken.  All units on the board that belonged to that side are now apart of the person’s army.

  • nice, WWII chess.

  • @Gewehr:

    nice, WWII chess.

    Thanks.  The whole idea is too have a chess game with some element of luck in it.  Well I guess the whole thing is luck.

  • hi,

    i have been looking for a 1939 version of the game, would it be possible to upload some newer files?

  • Have you actually played this WWII chess game?

  • Seems pretty cool!

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Great thought! I will play test!

    Just had another thought, if you wanted to eliminate dice, you could setup a rock/paper/scissors type game using those Units

    Infantry defeat fighters/tanks, lose to artillery/bombers
    Tanks defeat artillery, or other tanks
    Fighters defeat bombers/tanks but lose to infantry/artillery (imbedded aa guns)

    That type of concept anyways.  It would take some thinking through , more than this post from my cellphone haha but would be possible!

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