• I play the board game every Sunday with four other guys, and we’re all not bad, but one guy just can’t seem to get the hang of it. We try and try to teach him without actually controling his country, but with no success. The games would be a tonne more fun if he was at our par……do any of you have any suggestions as to how our group could boost his strategy thinking capabilities?

  • give him the same country every game…while you guys keep rotating?

  • On 2001-12-14 11:53, greensleeves wrote:
    give him the same country every game…while you guys keep rotating?

    Agreed. And give him the US because they are the easiest to play -especially with a little nudge or suggestion here and there from his allies.

  • I highly disagree. The US is the hardest to play. Give him Russia. There are a few good, simple, easy to understand Russian Strategies.

  • he does seem to favour certain countries…Russia and US being both of them. We’ve been doing that lately…just giving him the same counries…i try not to tell him too much, he has to get it on his own, or else theres no point to him playing. He has gotten better in the last few games though. I just tell him to have an obtainable goal in mind and slowly work towards that while taking into consideration other players actions. “For every Action, there is a Reaction.” I tell him that and send him on his way. One thing we try not to do is have him alone with someone on the Axis…argggh… I had Japan doing so good…but he just couldn’t manage Germany. Oh well…at least he tries…he’ll get it soon…i hope.

  • Invite him here, just get Djensen to delete this thread first…

  • Sorry I can’t help… I’ve got the same problem…

  • On 2001-12-14 12:17, Yanny wrote:
    I highly disagree. The US is the hardest to play. Give him Russia. There are a few good, simple, easy to understand Russian Strategies.

    I have always felt that if you really want to learn to play A&A well it helps to play Germany. The problem there is that Germany is the most challenging and most pressurized country to play.

    Russia is right on the front lines and is far more critical than the US -they are fighting battles on both fronts and is often the focal point of the Axis strategy. If Russia makes a mistake by attacking in appropriately, or attacking the wrong target or too early or with the wrong pieces it can have dire consequences for the Allies. The US does have challenges due to their location, but it is far more difficlut to “screw it up” for the allies as the US. Although the US can be a huge factor in favor of the allies, and by letting a weaker player be the US you may be giving up this potential, but it is far less likely that they will blow the game for his team playing that country.

  • if u want him to learn how to play defense let him pick russia. if u want him to learn how to play offense let him play germany

  • I’ve think he should play Uk a country with no real difficult responsiblites.

  • I agree, give him UK as the US usually does UK’s job for him (in Africa, W Europe, sometimes East Asia) All UK has to decide is how many troops to put where to hurt Germany, defend Russia, and aggravate Japan.
    Also: Japan’s situation is too complex
    Geramny’s too important
    US is needed too much by its allies
    Russia is too important

    UK basically needs to keep its African money out of Germany’s hands (with a lot of help from the US), irritate Japan, and send Russia troops. They also need to defend their capital from Germany.

  • Seems good. Put an aggresive player in US and let the UK use the US’s momentum.

  • Hey there, I think that you should let him choose a country, help him a bit if he has a question BUT if his problem is that he can’t “invent” a good strat. then just let him play his way!Some ppl are good and some aren’t that’s all.

    p.s He will prob get the hang of it!

  • Give him Germany. After about two or three games he’ll be forced to get better, and fast. If not, you kick the pants off him. That motivated me to do better…

  • he might not be motivated he may give up.

  • You don’t want the person losing right off the bat….that would just discourage him. I found that by giving him the opportunity to play his way, win or lose, he has more fun and picks up on others strategies as well.

  • how about giving him some additional troops to fight with?

  • that would just be cheating. he wouldn’t learn the game playing that way.

  • I don’t know about you guys but whenever I get a video game that has cheats I beat it with cheats a few times, then with less cheats a few more times, then maybe one or two cheats and then finally with no cheats. It may be cheating but you still get the hang of it.
    Also, you could play with bonus options from spring1942.com’s kremlin rules. The bonus options are designed to spice things up but they also benefit the countries.

  • yeah but video games and a board game like axis and allies just aren’t the same.

  • CLose enough, you want him to learn the more advanced aspects of the game(and still be interested), you got to give him some way to practice with it.
    No one wants to feel like a burden to their team.

  • i had the same problem it was not that i couldnt get the hang of it but it was the fact that me a was a newbie and i played my uncle who has had the game for around 30 years i could play the game as a played with my cousin, but when playing my uncle i knew he was very experienced so therefore i darent do nothing becuase if the move i done wasent a good move he would critizize me,so i suggest,dont critizize your friends moves it will discourage him,give him a bit of advice and let him get on with him he problem knows you are more experienced at it, just give him a little time and encouragement i cant remember how i overcome the critizism, i played with my cousin i guess who’s playing abilitys was more on my level so i learnt to play better becuase i could progress more when playing with my cousin the game lasted a lot longer normally playing more uncle he defeated me before i had the chance to conquer russia so playing my cousin i ocassionally defeated russia and then i was stuck didnt know what to do, but after a few times defeating russia i could progress further and further

  • I suggest playing with those who have patience and good attention span. A common complaint between newbies (an these are in 4-6 multiplayer games) is that it takes too long until it’s there turn again.

  • you should make him pay attention to what you do. even when it’s not his turn. keep him interested. make sure he understands why you do this and that.
    giving him more troops and stiff won’t make anything better. it will prolly only make him feel stupid.
    Give him the UK, as surgested above, talk him thru his and your moves.
    Give us feedback on how it geos

  • The UK is the most difficult Allied country to play. They are concerned about Europe, Asia and Africa. The proper use of the UK air is critical, as is the balance between Africa and Europe/Asia.

    The US is relatively easy to play, once you coordinate naval movements…but that can be a challenge for newbies.

    The Russkies are the second most difficult country to play in a longer game. However, in most games, if you can get him to abide by a standard opening move, then he will have 2-4 turns of mostly conservative defence. He can learn alot by simply watching the UK/US naval movements and the UK use of air to support him in Asia.

    So, for a newbie…teach him an opening or two and then let him play Russia.

    On the Axis side, let him play Japan. Japan is one of the easiest countries for a newbie to play because you start with a lot, and it is pretty hard NOT to do fairly decent in the first few turns and expand. Plus he will have lots of fun moving all the pieces. 😄 The Axis may not win, but at least he will expand some and learn the fundamentals.

    Generally, it is easier to learn the Axis than the Allies…simply because there is much less direct coordination between the players. You don’t have to worry about coordinating naval movements or covering ground forces with the other’s air…at least, not nearly as much as the Allies.

    So my first choice with a newbie is always Japan. Less coordination, more time, and less chance of critical errors smoking him early.


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