• OMG…I just had the second A&A game playing as Russian with the same guys in my first game and I won again!!! :lol:

    I learned more new strategies playing as Russian and this game turn out to be close clone of real World War 2 history. Here is what happened:

    Round 1.
    I didnt attack Germany because I wanted to boost up my defend. I bought 2 tanks and one fighter for my next round campaing(big mistake here when the Germans opened fire on me and I learned my lesson 😞 ). I also run my Sub to Germany Sea and battle with 1 Sub and 1 Transport. Results…My sub took both sub and transport with him into the bottom of the sea. Placed my units and ended my turn.

    G1. German decided to attack Karela and Cacuasus in this round with all his forces from Findland, Eastern Europe, Ukariane, and tanks from Germany. In addition, Africa Corp, German blitz Angalo-Eygpt with 1 tanks and 1 Inf from Libya,1 Fighter from Southern Europe. 1 Inf from ???(er…I forgot the name of the other German territory in Africa) invaded south to the unprotected England territory. German battleship and fighter vs UK battleship in Gibralta. The results…Karela fell with 20% of German casualties (I lost my new tanks and fighter here 😢 ). Cacausus still holding with minor casualties on both sides. Africa Corp failed to take Angalo-Eygpt because only German fighter survived this battle. However, German gain 2 territory in Africa. The UK battleship was sunk in Gibralta. Reenforced Germany and Southern Europe with tanks, Inf, 1 fighter.

    UK1. Bought an IC in Africa, couple of Inf and tanks in England. Didnt battle on this round and started planning Operation Torch.

    J1. He choose to attack China, Australia, and India instead of Hawaii(the same guy playing German). He is being greedy after the succes of Germany in Europe and Africa. The results…Japan won all three battle with no casualties. 3 more territory for the Axis. :evil:

    US1. He bought 1 transport, Infanties, tanks and 1 fighter (this is the same guy playing UK). Placed most of the reenforcement in Eastern America. He wanted to use both UK and US forces to invade and crush Africa Corp. Operation Torch…used one of his transport with 2 Inf, and 1 battleship attacked the lonely German Inf unit in West Africa and won without casualties.

    Round 2.
    R2. Im desperate…bought 1 tank and spend the rest of the money on Inf. I knew I have to take Karela back this round or else he could place his units in Karela when he finished his round next. Combine forces from Moscow and Cacausus took heavy casualties and secured Karela (Lesson 2: This battle costs me Karela and Cacausus in the next round as my forces are strech too thin along the front line).

    G2. He saw it coming. Countered with all of his forces as in the first round but this time he gets both Karela and Cacausus with heavy casualties in Cacausus and 50% casualties in Karela. Cacausus is left with one German tank, Karela left with 2 tanks and 3 Inf. He reenforced Africa Corp with one tank.

    UK2. Boost defence in Africa for next round assault.

    J2. He attacked New Zealand, er…the territory next to China, and further invaded into the middle east. He bought 1 battleship, 1 fighter, 1 bomber. Planning to attack Hawaii next round or two.

    US2. He knew that Japan is going for his Navy fleet in Hawaii. Spend most of his money on ship, sub and fighter. Reenforced Africa foothold with one fighter, the rest of his new toys in Pacific.

    Round 3.
    R3. I lost hope on regaining Karela and Cacausus. I actualy tought that I am going to loose this game. Bought all the Inf I could afford and placed them in Moscow with a total of 14 Inf (Human Shield :lol: ). I gave up the eastern front to protect my capital as the Japanease closing in from India. Withdrawl some units from eastern front back to protect southern flank.

    G3. Again he is being greedy. Attacked Moscow with all of his forces from Karela, Cacausus, 1 fighter from Ukariane, 1 bomber from Germany. The results…All Nazies killed in action and left 8 Russian Inf in Moscow (A very good trade for me 😄 ). The battle for Moscow has become stalemate. Reenforced Karela with most of his toys and left Southern Europe wide open for an attack.

    UK3. Operation Torch. UK forces attacked from south while American from West. Reenforced Africa for invasion to Italy.

    J3. Invaded Eastern Russia and succeded. Invaded Moscow with one tank form India but failed. Tried to break my new southern front line but failed. Now that he made a huge mistake by buying more sea units than land units, he proceded with his plan to invade Hawaii although he saw more reenforcement.

    US3. Operation Torch completed. Africa Corp is destroyed and lost all territory in Africa after US end this turn. US reenforced both Pacific and Africa. He planned to attack Southern Europe (Italy) next round while German navy consist of 1 transport in this area was however destroyed by fighter in this round.

    Round 4.
    R4. I bought 2 tanks and all the Inf I can afford and place them in Moscow with total of 16 Inf.

    G4. Being as hard headed as Hitler did, continue to invade Moscow with full force. The result…Nazi failed again and lost all of his toys in doing so while Russian have 6 Inf left.

    UK4. Invaded Southern Europe (Italy) and succeded with no casualties (German placed most of his toys in Karela again). Sacked Findland (1 fighter, 1 bomber) with air power and Findland is left defenseless.

    J4. Hawaii battle…with 2 battleship, 1 aircraft carrier with 2 fighter, and one sub vs US 2 battleship, 1 aircraft carrier with 2 fighter, 1 sub, and 1 transport. This battle ended in one round with 1 US battleship left. Continue west from Eastern Russian flank in hope to reach Moscow. Bought an IC in Burma.

    US4. Took one transport with 2 Inf invaded Eastern Russia which is wide open with no enemy troops. Rebuild Pacific Fleet.

    Round 5. D-Day Normandy.
    R5. Same tactic as last round (Human Shield 😎 ). Reenforced southern flank. Attacked Cacausus with 2 Inf from Moscow vs 1 German tank left from last battle. 1 Russian Inf left in Cacausus.

    G5. Bought 5 tanks. Regained Southern Europe with forces from Western Europe and Germany. Attacked Moscow but lost all of his toys again.

    UK5. D-Day Normandy. With 1 battleship, 2 transport, 2 Inf, 1 tank, 1 fighter, 1 bomber all from England vs Western Europe 2 German Inf.

    J5. Attacked southern flank of Moscow but failed. Regained Eastern Russia from US. Continue advance to Moscow from the East.

    US5. Bought more sea units. Sacked Japanease Inf around Pacific rim islands with airpower.

    Round6. Battle of the Buldge (The last major German offensive).
    R6. Bought 1 tank and more Human Shield. Engage Nazi forces in Karela with 2 tanks, 8 Inf. 2 Russian tank and 3 Inf survived.

    G6. Instead of massive German offensive into the west from Germany in WW2 history, he chose to go with 5 tanks rolled into Karela, 2 tanks and 4 Inf rolled into Western Europe spliting his forces into half.

    UK6. Conqured Germany as Battle of the Buldge ended with German Panzer Division crushed and defeated.

    Game over man…that was a damn close call here for Russia…really great game. 😉

  • It sounds like a fun game.
    with respect to your (Russia’s) first turn purchases . . . .
    You purchased 2 tanks (both defend at 2) and a ftr (defends at 4). As long as these guys live, you’ve just bought approximately 1.3333333 kill dice. That is every round that these guys live, you should expect to kill no more than 1.33 of your opponants with them (one defends with 2/3rds dice roll, 2 defend at 1/3rd - 2/3+1/3+1/3 = 1 and 1/3).
    If you spent your money on infantry then you would be defending with approximately 2.6666 (or 2 and 2/3rds) kill dice plus you would have had more units to be killing with (this is 8 - 1/3s dice or 8/3rds = 2 and 2/3rds). Hence any Nazi invasion on the mother land is going to suffer more casualties in the first round of battle, but because you have more units, there will be more rounds of battle for your Nazi-opponant to lose units to.
    This is usually the way i plan my attack and defence (unless i’m looking to be “lucky” - count the number of “probable” kills/round of battle vs. probably losses/round times the number of probable rounds.
    Note: As Russia you want to (for the first couple of turns) think more about defending. A fast/lucky Germany will take Karelia with light losses most of the time, i think, with the purchases you made here. Russia generally can’t think about attacking until around R3-R5 (when Germany is on it’s back, however only if and when Japan is stalled).
    There are some excellent essays on the topic:
    Many of us subscribe to the opening moves discussed here - usually out of experience (i.e. losing Moscow by G3 sucks 😄 )
    I hope you continue to have a great time. Perhaps we’ll game online sometime.

  • Guest,

    You are the only one in the game who used quasi-proper tactics(after learning your lesson in R1-G1.)
    The question is did anyone else learn a lesson from the game.
    Discuss it with your friends. Don’t wait until you play game # to find out.
    It will make future games more interesting for everyone. You don’t have to tell them what you will do next time.
    “Kill or be killed.” Gen. Fu-Lu Vit

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