Transports help needed

  • I’m new to the game and I’ve only played one match with my friends. I couldn’t understand very well the manual’s explanantion on transports.

    Could I load 2 units on a transport, move 2 seazones and make an amphibious attack at the same turn?

    If my transport was working as a bridge,as, for instance, the japanese transport at SZ61, could i load 2 infrantry units from Japan on it, unload them at Manchuria and use theses units to attack China?

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    I’ve always hated the term bridging.  I never made sense to me.  Transports are just not that complicated.

    In Axis and Allies Revised (which is the area you posted) you may load an Infantry and any other land unit (Infantry, Artillery, Armor or AA Gun) and move two spaces where you can offload them in the same turn.  If this results in combat, then you are engaging in combat, if not, it is considered a non-combat movement.

    (In classic it is the same, except Transports can only move 2 Infantry or 1 Armor.)

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    Nope, you can’t do the example you just wrote out.  Transported material can only be dropped into the one spot/space, but can’t move anymore during that turn.  I think that’s correct.

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    They can amphibiously attack, they cannot move again to attack again.  Missed the clarification at the bottom.

  • Having seen several beginners errors of my friend I would add that transport may move before, and after the loading, may load from more than one territory, only limitation is that they must offload all the cargo in only one territory.
    The unit to be carried may not move, for reaching the territory in which you desire to load them, and they can not move after being unloadead.

    I hope to be of help!  🙂

  • That was very helpful guys! Thanks a lot!

  • Craig’s clarification is one that is often overlooked, even in games on this site.

    The important things that I want to emphasize about TRN’s…

    1.  They can carry UP TO 1 INF and any 1 other land unit.  But they can carry only 1 unit of any land type (this comes up often from new folks thinking they HAVE to have an INF and something else in order to use a TRN).
    2.  Once a TRN offloads it is DONE for the turn.
    3.  Forget the term “bridge”.  It is just a regular load and offload, with a movement of zero spaces for the TRN.

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