• Just wanted some details on some of the ‘usual’ strategies for dealing with the UK fleet when playing as Germany.  Thanks
    Also things that are known to definitely not work would be helpful as well.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well, I can tell you the usual G1 attacks after that it all depends on UK’s moves

    Usually on G1 you attack Sz 13 and Sz 15 those are almost necessary and this is all assuming you aren’t using a bid

    In Sz 13 the average attacking force is 1 sub from sz 8 and 3-4 figs from europe in sz 15 the average attacking force is 1 bb and 1 trn and sometimes people send a figs as well. ive seen it be done but not often sometimes people attack the sz 1 trn with the sz 8 sub as well but that is pretty rare since people would rather not lose a fig in the sz 13 battle … after that it all depends on the circumstances

  • In my game I have going now I purchased 8 Inf and 1 CV for Sz5 on my G1 move in hopes of defending the Sz’s around Norway, etc.  But what happened was on R2 the sub went to Sz6 as a sort of blockade while UK and USA navy built up and is now a huge threat to Western Germany and the only thing my German navy could attack was a lowly sub.

    Anyway around that or is that the counter for a G1 CV buy?  Should I have just given up Norway and moved my units out of the Baltic opening up for German invation or just build up land defense?

  • most people spend 16 ipcs first turn fro Germny’s navy and then thats it.

  • @cyan:

    most people spend 16 ipcs first turn fro Germny’s navy and then thats it.

    I have spent from $0 to $24 (can’t bring myself to spend more than $24 though…)
    And that amount has been spent for both SZ5 and SZ14 (though I tend to spend MORE on Navy if I decide to spend in SZ14 due to other common opens of mine…)

    And most of my Axis wins recently have been with $0 naval dollars on G1…

  • Strat 1:  2-3 transports in Baltic and move Mediterranean fleet west.  Usually only feasible if Germany received bid units in Africa, and/or USSR did not take Ukraine (the extra German fighter’s needed on the attack).  Threatens invasion of London.  Should not be used if Russian fighters landed in Moscow (Allied response:  UK 3 fighters and transport E.Can tank, US transport 2 inf 1 art 1 tank (sacrificing US transports) Russia fighters to London resulting in strong UK defense and immediate threat to Baltic fleet.)

    Baltic transports can be used to transport German infantry to Karelia as well as threaten London and reclaim Norway.  If a united Allied fleet gets close, the Germans can counter with German air plus fodder German transports.  However, this strat is not effective against quick Allied air.

    Strat 2:  Carrier in Baltic.  To prevent UK 2 fighter 1 bomber destroying German fleet straightaway.  Carrier gives German fighters added range, allowing German threat to London, as well as allowing German fighters stationed at West Europe and on the carrier to rotate duty when attacking Karelia, West Russia, or other points east.

    Carrier protects Baltic fleet until the Baltic fleet suicides against the Allied Atlantic fleet.  Carrier is much less inherently useful as attacker or defender; its use to effective extend fighter range is of limited use.  A carrier is stronger against Allied air, but continued Allied buildup force the Germans to use more IPCs on navy, or lose their existing navy.

    Strat 3:  Carrier and transport in Baltic.  Threatens London and extendes fighter range.  As above, but with so many IPCs in the water, Germany’s attack on Russia is stalled.

    Strat 4:  Nothing in Baltic.  The UK has a lot of targets on UK1:  retake of Anglo-Egypt, the Baltic fleet, etc.  If Germany builds NOTHING in the Baltic, the UK may either attack Anglo-Egypt with less (good for Germany), or the UK may lose lots of air on a risky attack against the Baltic fleet.  Either way, the strategy here is to build infantry and tanks, to press on Russia early; if the UK lets its fighters die, that’s just less force the UK can hit the German ground with later.

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