• Let me get this straight:

    Agnostic = homosexual?
    Who’s morality, who’s religion?

    Of course they have the right to deny black leaders. They SHOULD have the right to.

    Hmmmm… it would seem under Civil Rights Amendments, Non-Discriminatory Polices, and Affirmative Action that they don’t.

  • @Deviant:Scripter:

    Of course they have the right to deny black leaders. They SHOULD have the right to.

    We may not agree with it, but, as we too allow the KKK, everyone has the right to their own opinion.

    How about a Jewish leader?
    They can deny them too?

    Is it me …does this sound Hitler-ish to anyone or am I just dumb?

  • This kind of goes to some “private golf courses”.
    The membership decides who is allowed to be a member. Although it is distasteful that they would discriminate against allowing someone to join their club due to color, race, religion, etc. at the same time, the nature of the private club makes it a reality.
    For example - “Italian sporting clubs” are private clubs that i’m guessing are not rushing to give blanket membership to. One has to apply and fulfill certain criteria, and then the club chooses whether or not to allow you access. If this was a public organization, then there would be virtually no criteria as this would attract cries of discrimination and lawsuits faster than one could blink.
    I don’t think that anyone would argue that the Scouts should discriminate against people. At the same time, there does seem to be an argument for the Scouts to allow whomever they deem appropriate - given their “private club” status. Once the Scouts lose this status and ability, then i’m going to sue Hugh Hefner for discriminating against me ability to attend his partys 😉

  • They will not deny a Jewish leader. Its too bad on the PR game. However, a Muslim leader, of course they would. Ultra-conservative bastards.

  • I can kind of see their point of view. Particularly if the original intent involved a Christian gathering of boys for certain activities, etc.
    Imagine setting up an A&A club, but making it open for all people. You rent a hall, specifying that people can come play A&A every saturday from noon until 10, supply tables, chairs, etc.
    Now you get a guy coming in with MtG cards, occupies a table, and starts to play. He has some friends join, and unlike the A&A slackers, they are there from noon until 10 every day. Eventually all of the chairs and tables are used up by these people who have no intention of playing A&A, but rather have usurped the meeting area and time for their own purposes.
    You, my friend, appear to be a MtG player in the A&A club. The BSA has certain principals, goals, and properties, some of which you clearly wish to hijack for your own political/selfish reasons. If you can’t adhere/abide by the principals of the BSA, then one might well wonder why you’d become apart of this organization. (incidently i never did participate in the Boy Scouts, however i did do a lot of camping with my friends growing up).

  • However, it is not an organization for Christians. A better analogy would be you set up on AA Club, and a group of people speaking Chineese come in and want to join.

  • However, it is not an organization for Christians.

    Good help us if it were.

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