• So I was playing the other day and a situation came up where we didn’t know the rules. I was playing Germany and I had a sub, a battleship and a transport off the coast of France (the sea zone that starts with 1 German sub), and my ships were attacked by US planes. They only got 1 hit on the first attack, so I chose to lose the transport. There were no ships in the Eastern Canada sea zone, although there were a bunch of allied ships at the England sea zone. I wanted to retreat the sub to the Eastern Canada sea zone.

    My question is, can I move it there even though the US player was going to move transports there in his non-combat phase? The sub would have retreated just in the combat phase before.

  • Yes you can retreat to that mt zs. It sucks for the allied player though ;) But I guess he is playing pretty bad if you still have all you navy…

  • Yeah, thx for the reply. I won that game. I took out the allied fleet and they weren’t able to help Russia for a round so Germany took over Russia with Japan’s help from the other end.

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