WaS Trade List (What I got, what I want)

  • Hey guys,

    Let me preface this: I’m 28 years old, own a home, and hold a steady  job.  I’m not in this to rip anyone off  😄  I’m just a guy looking to complete his collection.

    That said, here’s what I have for trade:

    USS St. Lo 31/64
    USS Barb 23/64
    USS Samuel B. Roberts 30/64
    USS Enterprise 25/64

    HMS Javelin 10/64
    HMS Truculent 12/64
    HMAS Sydney 2/64

    Luca Tarigo 46/64  x2
    Ambra 43/64    x2

    Scharnhorst 40/64
    Z20 Karl Galster 42/64    x2
    U510 41/64    x2

    Kongo 57/64
    Jintsu 55/64


    What I’m looking for:

    HMS Ark Royal 7/64
    HMS Exeter 8/64
    HMS Hood 9/64

    USS Baltimore 22/64
    USS Iowa 27/64
    USS Washington 33/64

    Admiral Graf Spee 34/64
    Koln 38/64
    Nordmark 39/64

    Yamato 63/64


    I can be reached at spencer79 (at) comcast (dot) net, or admin (at) houstonyankee (dot) com    [Sorry for not linking…sick of spambots getting my email].

    I’d like to trade straight up based on rarity, or multiples of lesser rarity for a rare.

    If you live in the greater Houston, TX area, we can do a face to face trade.  Otherwise, we’ll have to work out shipping and what-not.

    I don’t mind international trades, but if I’m sending first, I’m going to require escrow for estimated value via PayPal (i.e. if I’m sending $20 worth of minis FIRST, I’ll require $20 via paypal to be immediately refunded upon receipt of the reciprocal minis).

    If you’d like to discuss the trade, we can talk via email, Skype (you can find me as HoustonYankee), or via telephone (work that out after contact established).

    Anyway, please don’t post trade requests for me here on this thread, as I only check here about once a week, and wouldn’t want anyone thinking I’m ignoring them 🙂

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