Germans taking the united states

  • maybe paradrping tanks? :-?

  • They didnt have the technology at the time to drop tanks from planes, it mightve started to be developed but the Allies wouldve used it on D-Day.

  • Talk about broken tanks. 🙂

  • Man if the Allies tried droppin’ tanks that’d be hilarious. 😄

  • Hmmmm…. almost as bad as underwater tanks used at D-Day. 😉

  • Paratanks! They should make a rule about that, like a falling paratank squashes 3 infantry then you roll to see if the tank fell onto it’s treads or not…

    Of course, there weren’t any WW2 but revisionist history never hurt anyone.

  • ya if u got heavy bombers u could drop 3 tanks per bomber, then buy 3 bombers, that would be 9 tanks a turn attaching the us!

  • :evil: how do i do it

  • the point is, you can’t deadman.

  • I tried it. I got a few transports and subs for defense. I put only put infantry on the transports to make my nubers high. I built up the force slowly as well so the allies wouldnt notice it as much. I sent them south to lie in wait. Continued the game as normal, but when the US got organized and sent their force over the Atlantic. I pounced on an empty capital. Before they landed In France, I had the US under control. In a panic they turned back to try to retake the capital. So I sent my entire naval fleet after them. They had BB’s and all I had were subs so I didnt fare well there. But I did manage to sink a few transports so that when they DID finally attack me I was able to repel them. The US was out of the game. The two other players decided it would be impossible to win and forfieted.
    It IS possible. But I dare not try it twice with the same players. My advise is not to focus everything on that mission. Continue to press the Russians to a high degree. Keep the allies attention on the Eastern front. Good Luck and Good Hunting.

  • the allies did have glider to bring heavier equipment with the paratroopers mabye you could drop tanks with an attack value of 2 instead of 3 to represent lighter weapons.

  • that sounds like a good rule, being able to carry “light tanks” on the bombers instead of infantry, and the light tanks get to attack at 1 or 2

  • it can be done!
    in my last game i almost pulled it off, i had the german fleet (1 bb 1 des and 1 loaded transport) in the middle of the atlantic. He had a bb and a des off the coast of of the empty usa. I got unlucky (total anihaliation), but what if it had worked! The game ended up lasting forever… next time my bomber lands in morocco!

  • It is ABSOLUTELY so possible for the germans to take out the us. i played my dad once and he decided to go for the us. only problem was that he was only using his medit. fleet of 1 BB 1 Des and 1 Trans. it actally ended up being that he and the usa had no troops left! the attacker and defender were destroyed! if he had used a bit more, he might have succeded! 😉

  • U.S.A and british used paratrooping light tanks in operation market garden, but about over 70% of them were broken when they landed :roll:

    And trying to take USA only makes it harder for you win? You must have very bad opponents and sheer god like luck to pull it through…

  • I actually think it is fully possible.
    you concentrate most of your efforts at russia but buy 1 tranny per turn and keep it by italy. when you have 4-7 fully loaded trannies you move out like your going to attack britain.

  • For the Germs to cap USA,this would be highly unlikely without the Germs sending an Invasion Fleet (several transports w/1 inf +1 arty) and the Amers would see it coming…But is isnt impossible(It would be against my crowd,however!)…

  • I DID IT!

  • I didnt keep it, but i did succesfully invade the United States once, built a big fleet a couple of turns into the game and came from the med and feined a britian attack and so the US reinforced the british navy to try to stop that invasion and left the United states defeatable but the britsh player was better and built a force in canada, and so when i took the us canada crushed me i basically took the us out of the game but the money spent on the fleet was enough to let the russians get the advantage and so i eventually lost the game, but it was exciting.

    I do think that the taking of the Us is posible but you would have already pretty much of beaten russian down to just like moscow and nothing more but that would probably have too many inf to take and then concentrate on atlantic if you had done a decent job of keeping the british and american warships in the atlantic to a few with your air craft, it is very unlikely though to capture america, i really shouldnt be saying much because ive only won by capturing moscow, never thought a britian invasion was possible the # of troopsthey can put up is just too much to hold the russians and get enough transports and extra troops to take britian, havent been able to get enough people to play lately all my friends cept one want to play is risk/ risk 2210

  • it is possible, the problem is that the British player may see the action and help defend the us

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    Ok how the heck do you take USA in axis and allies Europe?  Is this some kind of inside joke?

  • @Imperious:

    Ok how the heck do you take USA in axis and allies Europe?  Is this some kind of inside joke?

    take out the supply lines to the convoys first
    then relentlessly bomb and invade it while buying anti aircraft and battleships and fighters to defend your own turf
    basically take out the us before they can get motivated, i mean they get like 20 things,you could and should use your 12 beginning ipc for 1 fighter, then do the above, took out us on my second turn.

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    Doesnt it say in the rules: the united states cannot be conquered? or am i thinking of another game.

  • @Imperious:

    Doesnt it say in the rules: the united states cannot be conquered? or am i thinking of another game.

    I would suggest checking the manual! 😄

    But anyway basically it is practically impossible (assuming fair dice!)
    It all boils down for “Russia”, “UK” and a “Middle East” addition as the basic paths to follow for Germany!

    Btw, after registering finally: GREETINGS, Imperious Leader!  🙂

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    I Igree it is possible done it myself once and my opponents quit then too.

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