I'm new, looking for someone to play with on GamesByEmail.com

  • Hi, like I said in my subject line I’m new to the community here. I love A&A, and I came across a really good email version of the game. Anybody wanna play?

  • 2007 AAR League

    We here already have a number of ways we play Axis and Allies by e-mail - using the forums here with ABattlemap, Mapview or TripleA or some people actually use a physical board, and the moves get posted to this board in the “Games in Progress” forum. Dice get rolled using the in-house dice roller, DAAK.de, frood.net or TripleA’s dice servers.

    So if you’re looking for a game, check out the Games in Progress forum and especially the “looking for opponents” thread.

    Now I’ll have to check out this “Games by E-mail” site…

  • i sometimes play games there. its only for classic though. i go by the name cyan on that site. so if you see me say high.

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