• Just a quick question of preference.  Do you spend all your IPC’s during your turn or do you save some for a rainy day?

  • i spend all of it. but depends on the situatuion. nothing is absoult but i try to put the units on the board as fast as I can.

  • I ahve done the zero J1 buy before, but that was Classic.

    In Revised I will save cash in very specific circumstances, most often as UK.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I’ve almost never done that. I think it’s a basic principle that you want to maximize in every way possible the force you are bringing to bear on the enemy. That means no units lingering in backwater territories, minimum IPCs floating in the water where they can’t take land, and definitely no idle IPCs in the bank account. I’ve become very creative at finding ways to spend every single IPC. Occasionally I save one because it just doesn’t make sense to upgrade an Inf to an Art, but usually I find a combination that works.

    I could see that as the UK if you have no fleet and can’t afford a big enough fleet to survive the next German turn AND have nowhere safe to put it. But in that case I think the Axis probably have the game in hand anyway.

  • Spend like crazy!

    Two exceptions:

    1.  Sometimes, you need to go pure defense with Russsia.  When doing so, if you have 17 IPC, you spend 15 to get 5 infantry, and save 2 IPC.  Next turn, with another 17 IPC income, you will have 19 IPC, allowing you to get 6 infantry.

    2.  Sometimes, you want to be able to switch fronts with the US.  So you don’t spend a lot first turn, then second turn, you commit to either Atlantic or Pacific.  (If you do spend in the Atlantic on US1, it takes TWO turns to sail to the Pacific, and vice versa).

    In general, it is not a good idea to save.


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