• Has anyone playing the Naval Miniatures game played other miniature naval rules at all?  If so, how do they compare?

    The miniature naval rules that I am thinking of are Command at Sea, Seapower 2 and 3, the Fletcher Pratt rules, any from Don Featherstone’s Naval Wargaming book, Barry Carter’s, Paul Hague’s, or Peter Dunn’s rule set.

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    No other Naval minis rules and as I mentioned in another thread War At Sea rules downloadable here:


    They are pretty bare bones and simple making for a quick and fun game. If you are seeking ultra-realism you are best to look elsewhere. They play quick and as far as collectable style games go nothing seems “broken.”

  • I have two starter packs of War at Sea and 4 or 5 boosters, so I have the rules.  I agree that they are fast-playing and pretty bare bones.  I have played most of the rule sets that I mentioned, and likely will use the War at Sea ships to play them as well.  I might also mount some of the ships from my various Axis and Allies game sets on strips of index card, and use them for additional ships.  I am working on a data card for a B-25 Strafer as used in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea.  I picked up two sets of the Tamiya 1/700 scale Mitchells to use with them.  I will like add them to the Axis and Allies game as well, using them as the US bomber, and the B-17 as a heavy bomber per weapons research rules.

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