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  • We have topics about religion, and about politics/economics, but the two topics are often intermixed. What I’m not as much curious about what you pick as a few sentences as to why.

    I’ll start off. I’m a Capitalist-Theist. First, my faith is important to me (Catholic) and I feel there is plenty of evidence to back up my beliefs. Despite the humanitarian demands of my faith, and my embracement of those demands (Over 200 hours of COmmunity Sevice Sept. 2001 to June 2002) I don’t believe government can make everyone hold hands and share everything. Private institutions/enterprise are always more effecient than government. For example, private schools educate students better for less money than public schools. So I am for Capitalism. It needs controls, but what doesn’t?

  • I think YB et al. could well guess my vote. I am a little left of capitalist in terms of the concept of the free market etc, however. I think that business is able to abuse their power just as easily as a government can (admittedly with less serious consequences), and so should be a little bit tempered, as those who “slip through the cracks” should be helped by the state in case the church is unable to fulfill its Christian obligations.

  • Although we are still considered a relatively young country, our capitalistic society has worked well thus far. I agree with YB in that private institutions are far more efficient then those run by the government.
    This is my main point in the argument against managed health care. You’re sacrificing quality for quantity. (I guess that’s a topic for a different threat though :D)

  • Crypt, Capitalism doesn’t mean lase-faire capitalism. It means a free-market economy versus a Communist economy. Also it often means a deeper trust in private institutions versus government bureacracy.

  • Humanist (Atheist), Social Democrat.

    Against privatisation in School and Medicare (even if i attend to a private school)

    BTW; some country are working very well without lot of private school, which are in my point of view a very big injustice; rich get better education while the poor get crap…

  • First of all, private schools don’t neccessarily mean snooty colleges like Oxford or Harvard. Most private schools (at least in the U.S.) are religious schools set up to serve poor populations. They have massive aid assistance. Plus, the governent is setting up a system to send kids to private schools on state dolars. (the gov. actually saves money that way. It only takes part of the money needed to educate the kid privately as it does publicly. So the government makes a net profit.)

  • Added Other

    I am Liberal in the sense that I think we need to change. I firmly believe Religion is corrupt and we’d be better off without Established Religion. In terms of Political views, I am not bound by party lines as many conservatives of this forum are.

  • Deleted Other

    Communism and Capitalism are not parties, rather basic economic and political theory.

  • private schools: As long as the parents pay school taxes to some degree, i have no problem with private schools. If they were not available too many parents would take themselves out of the workforce to home-school their children.
    Plus many public schools are correctional facilities with chalkboards in them. I don’t want my children in those places.

  • Theist-Communist
    Pro private schools and medicare for the capitalistic system [Conservative Side], but with communism, there is naturally no need for it.

  • That is one of the good things about the public school system. If parents had to pay all the tuition for their child in a public school it would be roughly twice what it would cost to send them to private school. So how it is set up is that the tuition is spread across everyone who owns property (at least in the U.S.)

    Say a kid going to Ballard (a public school in Seattle) cost the district 10,000 Dollars a year. The kid gets a voucher to go to O’Dea (a private school in Seattle) costing the district now 5,000 dollars a year to educate the same kid. Then the remaining 5,000 is a net profit for the district, cut taxes or spend it on the kids still at Ballard.

    One more example of private enterprise beating government bureacracy. Capitalism 1, Communism 0.

  • One more example of private enterprise beating government bureacracy. Capitalism 1, Communism 0.


  • I know at least 1 Facist on this site, other should stay.

  • could this Facist live about 2 miles from ur house and likes to wake u up at 9 am and ruin ur sleepy time? also could this Facist be Friendly and talks to Stuffed Dogs and wants to Conquer the world :roll:

  • Everyone can fit into one of the four categories. If you are a facist you either believe God exists or does not. And you are either a fan of Stalin (Communist) or Pinochet (Capitalist)

    Take that Yanny.

  • wow, dude; I geuss I don’t fit into your broad generalizations then. Stalinism is not an especially savory form of communism. Most communists you will ever meet will probably hate his guts. Stalinism is very dictitorial and most communists are big fans of democracy, that means there are very few stalinists; if fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s a dead movement.

  • I don’t fall into one of those categories either. I can promise you DasEwokSS doesn’t too.

    I am a MODERATE, most Americans can’t handle that.

  • most communists are big fans of democracy

    Communism is probably the purest form of democracy we know of.

    that means there are very few stalinists; if fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s a dead movement.

    No, there will always be those who are willing to manipulate the masses to serve their own selfish desires.

    I am a MODERATE, most Americans can’t handle that.

    I wouldn’t say that. Most Americans probably don’t know what to believe in, and moderate just allows them to reach a healthy medium without properly understanding the facts. Today’s average American is raised on quick, 10-second sound bytes, overused clichés, and catchy slogans. Would you have it any other way?

  • Yeah, 10 minute monologues work for me!

  • I am sorry, but I really don’t know what I am. For now I will be faithful follower of what is right.

  • hey welcome back tm how was sandiego?

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