Minis for sale or trade

  • This is what I have and I’m really not looking for anything, I am mainly looking to sell these but if you want to make trades I’m open to that as well.  If you are looking to trade I’m looking more towards Japan or British Figures.

    Allied Rares:
    Churchill Crocodile
    M18 Hellecat

    Axis Rares:
    sIG 33

    Allied uncommons:
    M3 Stuart
    Vickers Machine-Gun Team
    Inspiring Lieutenant
    M4A1 Sherman
    Red Devil Captain
    Kuomintang Machine-Gun Team
    T-70 Model 1942

    Axis uncommons:
    Imperial Sergeant
    PAK 38
    MG 42 (x2)
    Panzer III Ausf. F
    Sd Kfz 222
    Panzer IV Ausf. G (x2)

    Allied Commons:
    6-Pounder AT
    Royal Engineers
    M1 Garand Rifle (x2)
    Bazooka (x2)
    Mortar M2
    3" Gun M5
    MAS 7.5mm Rifle
    PPSh-41 SMG
    PTRD-41 AT-rifle

    Axis Commons:
    Antitank Grenadier
    SNLF Paratroopers
    Ariaka Rifle (x2)
    Fucile Modello 1891
    PAK 38 AT (x2)
    Panzerfaust 30
    Mauser Kar 98K

  • 2007 AAR League

    Bob, two questions.  1. What condition are these in (do they all have their cards, original bags, etc.)?  2.  What are you asking for price-wise?  If you want to PM me with pricing, that’s fine.


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