• Does anyone know were I can get Snow, Desert, and Beach terain and senarios?

    Hhhmmm, that brings up another question, does anyone even use the higgans boat?  😐

  • I made my own hex base map.  I had a role of brown kraft paper, 3 foot wide and rolled it out on my 4 x 8 gaming area.  Then with a plywood hex with a center hole I cut , I traced it on, (over and over for an hour) until I had one lage map.  I also cut various paper hexes of different colours and just lay them on top to give me woods, cities etc.  Roads are made of strings and creeks are paper pieces cut to the edge of the hex shapes.  You could make anything you want!

    As for the Higgens boats there are some great scenarios that Der Lieter put up for Dieppe.  They used the Higgens.  I have played beach landings several times and have used my one higgens supplemented by other representative pieces of paper to make a fleet.

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    I like that Idea and I have been toying with the same idea.

    I also have the Historic Battlefronts Stalingrad map. with it you can use the higgins boats as troop transports.  they are also suposed to be comming out with a solomon ilands map that will probably be a good use for them as well.

  • Iv’e always wanted to get a home-made map with interchangable parts.  :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

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