• I just recently tried this when I was screwing around and bored.
    At this point in the game, Britan has N Africa, Norway, and S Italy. The Soviets and Germans are at a stalemate in E Poland, Baltics and Romania. No one is adavancing very quiqly, and France is very heavaly fortified, so me being America and the U.K., decid to build up massive amounts of B17s and Hallifaxs and almost nothing else. When I have what I want, I send them into the heart of France, Germany and the reserves in the East, which by now dosn’t have alot of fighters. I don’t stratigically bomb them, but tactically bomb, detsroying Germany’s infintry, tanks, and artillery with my bombers to weaken it. Now of course this almost always destroys my bombers that I sent out on this sucide mission, but after about 4-5 turns, germany can not keep up with both defending the cost line, and keeping up with the Soviets. As soon as hes weakened, I storm into France with ease.
    So, what do you all think?

  • Essentially you did want the US Army Air Force and the Royal Air Force Bomber Command claimed that they could do, and that is win the war by themselves.  It did not quite work that way, but I would say that you developed a sound strategy to break a board stalemate.  You clearly would do more damage hitting the units than by hitting the Industrial Center, as hitting the Industrial center denies him more units, while hitting the units means that he will have to replace units, and that will take a lot of time.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Why not just build up your transport fleet and shuck troops over to Europe?  Once you’ve cleared the Atlantic, you won’t have to worry about replacing your transports, and land units are a LOT less expensive to replace than bombers.  Just build up your fleets (including 1-2 carriers to protect the tranports from German air) and keep funneling troops in.  Eventually, you will wear Germany down economically.  Germany’s economy, over the long haul, cannot keep up with the Allies’ economy.

  • Because for that game, it seemed that 1:subs still were screwing with me 2: I had made many attempts to invade, but failed miserably every time

  • 2007 AAR League


    Because for that game, it seemed that 1:subs still were screwing with me 2: I had made many attempts to invade, but failed miserably every time

    The key is sustainability – you have to set up a “chain” of transports that can get troops into Europe EVERY TURN.  It takes a while to build that chain, but once you do, it’s the kiss of death for the Krauts.

    As for subs, DDs and bombers are key.  And Germany shouldn’t be buying that many subs after about turn 3 or she will run short on land units (at least, if you are taking advantage of the rule that allows you to move British and American stuff the Russia and have it converted to Russian pieces.  That’s a BIG headache for Germany to overcome).

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