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    Can I get you to look over a map file?  Think I screwed up a game big.  But I want to know what you think, if it’s winnable or over.

    Basically, I threw the Russian army at the Germans.  I only had a 60% chance to win, but he obliterated me in the first round of gunfire.  I went two more rounds, recovered mostly nicely, dropped him to two tanks, two fighters and a bomber on the front lines.  But the Japanese are coming and I don’t know if I can keep up with them.

    Let me know, if you have time, I’ll send you a map file.

    Don’t need EVERYONE, but I respect your opinions on the game.  And hey, the neat thing about advise is you can always ignore it when you get it, but you don’t always get it!

  • I am still not up to snuff on map files (I just downloaded the new TripleA, but have not opened it yet).

    Sorry I can;t help (but it sounds pretty bad, I would have to know the force loads 1 territory back from the front to be sure)

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    I can do one turn back as a UDR and this turn.

    I don’t want advice on what to move, where and when.  I was thinking about it, don’t think that would be fair.  But an idea of winnability or lack thereof would be awesome.

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    I can take a look at the map as long as this isn’t for one of the League games here.

    In general I think as long as all three Allied capitals stand the Allies always have a chance.  They can certainly afford a battle or 2 to go south and still recover.

    Worst case would be go defensive mode with Russia and prolong the game (assuming you are close to economic parity).

    UK/US can always ship toops directly to Arch as well.  Then you just have to work out of Moscow.

    But I’d have to look at the map to really be sure.  I mean if Ger is in Wrus and Cauc and Japan has Novo and Kaz it could be too little to late for the Allied reinforcements to arrive.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Hey Jen, my feelings are hurt  😢

    Im not considered good enought to be around the elite……

    Guess i need to kick ass in the tourney then…    😉

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    I don’t have enough room in the subject line for everyone, Nix. 😛

    I’ll post a couple of the map files here.  Here are the last 4 turns. (America and Russia on the Russian map.  System limits me to 3 attachments.)

    Anyone who wants to, feel free to give me your impression of the game at this point.  Honestly, I wonder if Russia is lost.  I think if I can keep decimating the German armies with England and America (though USA is in the med) I can keep Japan off Moscow.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • 2007 AAR League

    Russia looks hosed. Why your opponent didn’t build the second IC on J4 is beyond me, but it doesn’t look like he or she will need it now.

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