• Yep, I had that happen before.

    I remember this one time a uSA naval force attacked the Sea of Japan hoping to destroy my expensive transport fleet. WRONG!!! I guess he didn’t see the 1 AC w/ 2 ftrs and 2 BBs parked in the blow up box. Regardless, that battle did not go well for him. 😉

  • did you not feel morally obligated to point this out to your opponent and offer him/her a chance to retract his/her move?

  • If I’m winning… probably. 🙂
    But if I’m losing… no. 😉

  • well if there not observant then its there problem.

  • as far as i’m concerned it’s cheating… but if you’re so insecure about your gaming abilities or so insecure in your self that you can’t bear to lose…

  • ya its just a game, well if your in a turnament and it is fun to win and see your strategies work…and you feel bad about loosing and that could get you depresed and evenchuly making you commit suside

    DOH! I geuss it isnt just a game

  • '19 Moderator

    Hey Cameron,

    Have you seen the Map I made? I made a new one that is even better than the one I posted before. I changed employers reciently and my new company has a color ploter. I can print maps up to 36 inches wide. Needles to say after a couple weeks my gaming group played on my new 3 foot by 6 foot World at War map 😄

    I’ll have to get a picture to post, I think we took some at the last game.

    Hehe after 18 hours of playing I was actualy In a good position as Germany! I had reduced Russia to 2 territories and he was whithdrawing toward Africa. We ended up calling the game because It was gettign hard to stay awake!

  • That W@W game can take awhile.
    18 hours is truly hardcore.

    Have you gone as far as to paint the game pieces?
    If not, what do you do to distinguish the special units in the game, like, for instance, the Panzergrenadiers?

  • '19 Moderator

    Sometimes when I read messages on these boards it is like people are looking over my shoulder.

    I have 3 coppies of the original game that I use for the pieces. I have sepperated the peices and painted special forces like SS and Guards in a gloss. I have also painted the bases of several Infantry units white to signify Airborne. I have several diferent expansion sets including AAE and EEU, I use many of the units out of those.

  • looks over dezrtfish’s shoulder

    Ah I see, nice.

  • That was me :oops:

  • 18 hours a game, wow!
    My group and I will routinely call a game after turn 4or5 depending on how the axis looks. We have played so many games, that we can tell if the axis is not in a superior position, it is much better to reset and start again.
    Also, we have made EXTENSIVE rule modifications to augment the axis. It is still an uphill battle.


  • '19 Moderator

    I played a game a couple monthes ago that we started at about 4:00 in the afternoon. At 6:00 in the morning we agreed that the game could probably go on for much longer but that we could not. It was agreed that My partner and I had the upperhand but I had to admit that it was not defineate. I was Germany 🙂

  • id point that out but i wouldnt point out other mistakes

    example: i was playing AAP and i was america, was about the 7th turn, japan was 5 VP away from a win, and i just took back phillipines and got AA gun and IC up there, parked my 5 bombers and 6 transports (6 marine 6 arty) of course i had my fleet there to protect, and it was his turn, he had nothing in the sea of japan (so no naval combat means no kamikazee)i told him"game over" he said huh? i pointed out tthat he couldnt protect japan with 3 bombers from 12 ground units and air support. if i had all that stuff in a blow up box i would point it out tho. but if a player isnt gonna pay enough attention to the board, they will lose

    game over

  • what exactly is world at war? is it on the same map as original A&A? or is it something else completely different?

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