Spam mail: something wrong with forum security?

  • Now I have set my email adress to “do not display”… yet somehow I got a spam email (the illustrous Nigerian Scam type)
    Which specifically referred to having gotten my adress from this forum (and it is the same adress as I used to sign up here)

    …So, what’s up? Did the list get hijacked at some time? Is the option not working, or what?

  • You e-mail IS hidden, but you also typed your complete e-mail addy in your MSN Messenger ID line of your profile.

  • ah, I see… My mistake… :oops:
    Although that still requires that the address got from a registered user (probably just a harvesting bot, but eh…) to that spammer. Good thing it’s mostly a spam address anyway, then 😄

  • If you have an e-mail addy printed anywhere on the web, it WILL be harvested.  I have had this ID for about 6 or 7 years now.  I get HUNDREDS of SPAM e-mails per day with it.

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    you should change your email if that happens…after getting “hundreds” i suspect its not yours anyway but rather a new chore to deal with.

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    Hotmail filters 98% of my spam for me. 😛  Too bad they also filter AAMC messages. 😞

  • A little time fine tuning the filters, and a quick scan of the messages before i delete them.

    And with 1 button delete of all spam, it works great 🙂

  • I’ve got a few gmail invites.  It’s quite good - I prefer it to yahoo and all that.  I’d be glad to send anyone an invite (if it’s still beta and you need one) that PMs me here.

    It filters spam very well, and has quite a few functions that are helpful.

    Only problem is that it scans your email and does advertising (very small though - only text) like the forums here.

  • @ncscswitch:

    If you have an e-mail addy printed anywhere on the web, it WILL be harvested.

    I’m aware of that, but this is the first time I could track down exactly where it was harvested… I doubt this forum is so popular as to make it a good choice for spammers to refer to it in hopes of luring in gullible people.

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    I NEVER EVER open anything from someone i don’t know, plus i got a warning for any extensions that may also be part of the attachment… and an extension avoid list

  • 2007 AAR League

    it helps when english isn´t your main language, since i rarly get legit e-mails in English…,…

    But there is a new virus on MSN that my girlfriend mnaged to infect my system with.

    It says somethinga long the line;  Here´s some summer pictures i took the other day, have a look"  then it wants you do download a rar file, if you do it will download and say “error, couldn´t download”  (but it sure did).

    Then all your Msn contacts will get the same  messages from your Msn when they or you log on.

    Beware., It was quite hard to get rid of…  had to manually dleete some stuff, then atlast the virus priogram managed to clear out the rest but it took 4 scans+manual deleting+making my firewall stop all contacts with certain programs in the mean time…

    Without firewall it will contact some server and re-download all vital files again when a virus scan and cleaning is done.

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