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  • Hey everyone
    New player and just wanted some clarification after having played on only one quick learning game…

    1. Air Units After Battle: It says that air units can retreat to any friendly territory within movement range… So just to clarify, lets say just purely for example Russia is attacking from Archangle and Caucasus with land and air units into German forces in West Russia… and then Russia retreats, all the land units have to retreat back to either Arch or Cau, but can the fighters retreat to anywhere within 4 units (there movement range) of west russia?
    Or is it more like, they have already moved 1 territory to attack, and so can only retreat 3 spaces away?

    Also do they have to retreat when everyone else retreats on ur side?

    and lastly do all the air units retreat together or can they go there own seperate ways, I’m assuming its the latter?
    It just seemed a situation where your land units would attack a territory and u could pretty much have planes come in from anywhere to help out without much risk as they could just retreat back to whereever they came from if u were running short on land units to sacrifice. And in that case the air units seem to be able to move a long way, 4 spaces to attack and another 4 units back to retreat(or 6 with bombers or different with long range aircraft etc).

    Final question is with islands and coastal territories and planes, lets say Japan has fighters in Manila (not on a Aircraft carrier) and wants to attack Hawaii, can they make that distance, so there move is SZ49,SZ58,SZ51 then there 4th movement is Hawaii, or is the 4th movement point SZ52 and then they need to be able to move 5 to attack Hawaii…

    Very similar question I know but lets say a plane is in Eastern United States, on the land, not a carrier, it costs them 1 movement unit just to get into SZ10 right?

    Hope the wording of my questions isn’t too confusing and any help is much appreciated…
    thanks in advance guys

  • 1.  The fighters can retreat anywhere within 3 territories, as they have used up 1 of their 4 movement in moving into the territory to attack.

    1b.  This answer is, I think, covered in the rulebook, but I think the answer changes depending on the situation.  For example, you can’t retreat from amphibious battles with ground units, but you can with air units.

    1c.  As far as I know, it’s together.

    1d.  It’s not 4 spaces to attack and 4 to retreat.  It’s 4 TOTAL.

    1e.  Movement from a sea zone to a land territory counts as one space of movement, unless you have the NA Island Bases with the US.

  • Air unit Retreat:
    Two parts to this. 
    1.  ALL participating air units have to retreat from a battle at the same time.  You cannot retreat 1 FIG and leave 1 FIG to fight.
    2.  Aircraft retreat differently than land units.  Land units have to all retreat to the same territory from which at least 1 land unit came from to join the battle.  Air units though when they “retreat” simply get taken off the battle board and “hover” in the territory until combat is resolved.  Then in the Non-Comabt Movement phase, the aircraft can land in any territory that was frindly at the start of the current turn, to the limit of their total movement for the turn.

  • You guys are the best! Next game will be alot better as we will actually know what we’re doing with air units, especially with Japan and the US, as battles around the Pacific were the main confusion point, thanks switch and paintbrush…

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