Cardboard replacements for pieces?

  • Does anyone know where I can find (download or buy) cardboard counters to replace the plastic pieces with? I want to replace ALL plastic with traditional cardboard or heavy paper counters. I love Axis and Allies but I hate fumbling with all the plastic pieces. Before I make my own, I want to see if someone else has made them before and where I can get them.


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    That’s a new one. Personally I haven’t heard of anybody having done that. Doesn’t mean someone hasn’t of course but I haven’t seen it anywhere and I poke my head in at a bunch of wargame sites.

    You think cardboard counters are easier to handle than plastic pieces?  :?

  • I have more trouble picking up the country markers from the board than I do pieces.  But if I’m hopped up on demerol and grape soda then sometimes my fingers shake while placing a stack of chips with units on top and knock things over… but thats usually just in the capital cities where a lot of pieces are.  Now I use the number markers… so much easier!

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