Colin Powell for President?

  • I’ve heard talk about Colin Powell running for President in 2004. What are you’re thoughts on this. I personally would vote for the man, because he’s been an excellent political figure thus far.

  • If he runs as a Democrat… No.
    He runs as an Independent… Yes.
    He runs as a Republican (hey, it could happen!)… OF COURSE!

    Key point, I doubt Colin will run in 2004, he still needs some more experience. And to tell you the truth, his SoS position is just fine for him. If he were to run, I predict in 2008. A great successor to Bush (and according to recent polls, someone would be hard pressed [even Colin] to defeat Bush.

  • I agree with Moses, 2008. Many Sos have succeeded their President, especially early on.

    Btw- does anyone here watch “West Wing” ?

  • Prima facie, West Wing may look like an intelligent show, but it’s really not upon closer examination. My ears hurt just listening to those hypocrites that have no idea what they’re saying.

    BTW, Anybody know how old Colin is? Just curious

  • Yea, he’s 65.

  • I’d vote for him, but I agree, if he does run it wont be till 2008.

  • he seems pretty nicewhy not?

  • WRT West wing - it’s kind of like the politico’s ER. It has enough political reality (and possibility) for most people, however on close examination there are things that just don’t hold water.
    For most people (med students included) ER is pretty much right on - in terms of the medicine, as well as the lives of residents, clerks and attendings (as well as nurses), however if you’ve actually worked in an ER then you see the drama etc. POOF vanish.
    the beauty of entertainment!

  • Well CC, you’re the medical guy, so I can see your feelings about ER. Lawyer shows (and there are too many to count on TV) deserve similar criticisms. Trust me, my older brother is into law, and he can tell you right away, law is not as “dramatic” as they make it out on TV. Most of the time it’s spent in a small office room going over hundreds of pages of text and legal documents. As for the Courtroom, expect to bring a pillow - you will be napping most of the time. As for me, I’m more of the American, political heritage type, so I can pick a bone with the West Wing right away. For example (as a pro-gun advocate), President Josiah Bartlet pronounced the Second Amendment “stupid-ass.” After all, he said to an aide, we have the police! (Apparently, “West Wing” writers don’t know that the amendment exists to protect citizens against tyranny of government.) 😉

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