In case you didn't hear, scale-change in the works

  • In case you’ve been living under a rock, there was a leak on the new 1939-1945 Expansion that’s coming out in a month or so.

    WotC has decided to re-release the vehicles with an accurate 15mm scale.  The theory is that they are trying to grab some Flamew of War business.  In any case, expect new vehicles to be 10% to 15% larger per side (which is what, 33% larger overall).


  • Are the hexes gonna be increased in size too?  'Cuz I think they should be, in order to accommodate larger sized units.  I mean, I noticed that some are already a little bulky…

  • Yes, all the maps going forward will be 3" instead of th current 2".


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    I think that’s retarded.  What to I do with all my mini mini’s now!

  • That’s exactly the discussion that’s going on right now on the Avalon Hill message board.

    I’ts a pretty raw deal to anyone who has purchased minis up to this point.

    Technically they are still valid units, they will just look a bit silly.  (And it’s worth mentioning that the Soldier scale is fine, it’s only vehicles that are changing).

    I expect existing A&A Mini prices to plummet as gamer ditch their old ones to pick up the re-released ones in the upcomming set (but we shall see).


  • Honestly, (and sorry to slightly change the subject) I’m glad that they’re coming out with a new land-based minis set, 'cuz I happen to prefer that to War at Sea.

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    I agree, but it seems a bit late in the game to start changing unit scale…

  • Definitely true.  I guess that means that ALL my old maps will be useless…  😢  Maybe I’ll just have to make my own.  😉 Are we sure that they will be 3" across?

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    That’s the word, the new rules and mps should be in stores now from what I read.  I will probably look around this weekend.

  • I already picked up the expanded rules set… and the maps for the new scale are going be huge :-o.

  • Is it true that they reduced the number of hexes on a map?  If so you might as well do away with the Long Range column in the stats…


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    I think I may go pick the new rules up this weekend.  I have decided what to whith my mini mini’s, I am going to make a chess board and use them for the pieces. I have enough Shermans and Pzr IVGs to make pawns should be cool…

  • I’ll look into this series, but I’ll be careful to jump in.  I’m interested in the mapsa nd rules but not the new vehicles especia;lly if the soldiers are okay.

    Speaking of chess boards I have a great one that I built some years ago.  The pcs are a variety of HO scale armour from Roco.  The neat part is the board I made.  The squares are greens and browns and each is a different height to the next roughly forming a valley in the middle.  A painted creek runs through the valley and I’ve bushes etc on the board.  Of course the landscaping is just for show and the game is still chess.

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    Nice, I’ve been tring to decide what kind of board I will make.

  • I’ve got my new rules and maps.  I’ll have to play a few of the additional rules.  I like the overwatch idea and I like the map scale.  I’m a map nut and I collect them all.  Still I can make my own maps and have an 8 x 3 foot generic hex board that I can make into anything.

    Now to rant.  I 'm not impressed with the paper quality of the maps and booklet.  I’m not impressed with the lack of colour in the booklet especially on the terrain pictures.  I’m not impressed that the Canadians were left off the Allied Order of Battle  colour icons on the inside of the cover.

    Besides that…

    I’ve got a new chess board half made of blue styrofoam sheets.  It measures 16 x 16 inches and is sculpted with little hills etc.  I’ve got to paint and flock it yet.  I’ve currently picked from my smaller models to ensure they fit on the 2 inch squares.

    I’ll follow the allignment of scales issue carefully but have invested quite a bit so far and will probably just stick with them

  • Just to let people know - I have created several sets of maps and new rules for use with the AAM 1.0 minis. I will post more on this and the Variant Rules forum when they are ready.

    The first sets will be for North Africa and War in Europe Sets. Maps for Pacific Theatre and Alpine are also in the works. So you wont have to pitch all of your minis. There is a use for them, and even WTF or Cando minis can be mixed with them.

    I have also created new rules and 400 new unit cards for Italy, Japan, Finland, France, England, and of course German and American.

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