The World Boardgaming Championship (Maryland)

  • I’ll be there Friday and Saterday, unfortunately I couldnt make it in time for the Axis and Allies Tournement. Is anyone else going to be there?

  • I recently discovered this event and I plan on attending in future years. The Diplomacy tournement looks especially interesting.

  • If something is happening in October, I might consider going.
    I have holiday time then. 😉

  • Hopefully I’ll be spending a week there next year. I can’t wait for the Axis and Allies tournement.

  • 😮 axis and allies tornoment !!! oh my god!!!YES!! 😮 😎

  • If any one on this board is planning a trip to/through Winnipeg, you are invited to play some A&A at my place. I’m sure we could convince Mr. Ghoul to join too. That way we Canucks can have our own lil tourney (aside from the various 'con’s).

  • I just got back from the World Boardgamers Championship. It was the best time I’ve ever had. I played a dozen games in a day, and almost won a few. Unfortunately I didn’t arrive in time for the A&A tournement, but I heard it was a blast. I can’t wait for next year.

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