• I am in a friendly game with some fellow Soldiers in Afghanistan and the M$oft Access battle outcome sheet keeps crashing on me, I could use your advice/help.  I am the Allies and I just took Japan with 2 tanks left.  Japan has a fleet and we are about to do some battle, I believe he has a slight edge, will be 1 BB, 1 AC, 2 Figs, 4 Trans, 2 Dest, 2 Subs vs 1 AC, 2 Figs, 4 Subs, 1 dest, 2 trans.  I am going to assume he is going to have to leave at least 2 transports behind to try and take japan after the naval combat.  Anyway, some of you with expert knowledge what the probable outcome is.  Thanks for the help, and I enjoy reading your strategies and opinions.

    US can spend $93 next turn and collects $46 a turn currently, plus has an IC in Norway to help in Europe.  Germany has 1 BB and Trans in the Med and 1 tran off of brazil.  Japan has no other navy.  I think I am in good shape in that I just repelled the Japs in Moscow and during Russia’s turn cleared 7 tanks 2 figs 3 arty and 2 figs with 19 inf and 6 tanks, plus repulsed germanys counter.  Uk and US have strong trans support and can shuttle troops East quickly.  Plan on hitting West Europe as soon as the German player slips up.

    Thanks again

  • about a 47% of sucess for japan. but you will do economically better.

  • 2007 AAR League

    never use battle odds.  or a calculator.

    its a crime in 24 states and Jesus will hate you.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    A better question is, if he is going to attack you, is there any reason to avoid the battle?  From what I read, you own his capital, that means he has no income right now.  Even if he liberates, it will be a full round before he has capital to spend rebuilding his fleet, plenty of time for America to put 2 destroyers and 8 submarines in the water and move them into position to sink any new fleet he does purchase. (The destroyers are insurance against air attack, in case you wonder why I didnt say 10 submarines.)

    Meanwhile, if he just uses the fleet as an annoyance, or to link with the Germans, you can put some more boats in the water while securing your position.

    Honestly, I don’t see a down side except in the possible case where he over whelmingly defeats you.  A possibility, but not likely.

  • Just let him come after your fleet.  You will kill MOST of his units in the liberation of Japan.

    Now, with the extra cash, and with Japan neutered for a turn, just start re-building and come BACK into the Pacific with loaded carriers, SUBs, a DST, and loaded TRNs, then sweep clear any Japan islands you do not already own, maintaining a steady flow of new ships and units into the Pacific.  You will be outbuilding Japan more than 3 to 1 over the next 2 turns, by then you should be decimating their income so that they can no longer afford ships.  And he certainly cannot afford to come back out into the Pacific to re-claim Borneo or East Indies or Phillipines.  He has to focus on getting enough stuff in place to keep you from taking Tokyo again when you drop a loaded AC, DST, SUBs, and TRNs in SZ55 on your next turn.

    THis of course assumes that Germany is controlled, and that there are still territories to take from Japan in the Pacific.  If not, then a chucnk of that wad of cash needs to go into the Atlantic…

  • Jesus does hate me, he deployed me for 27 of the last 36 months to Afghanistan!

    I don’t use calc’s during the game, we had to stop play (Sunday is our pseudo day off) and work was getting ready to start back up so we wrote everything down and packed up.  Anyway, I figured since Japan would act first and attack me, I wondered what the odds would be.  Japan owns all of their islands, britain still has NZ and AUS, other than that the Pacific has been quiet.  I wiped out his PH attacking force on my 1st turn basically rendering the pacific calm(he had his BB and AC from the West still left).

    With Germany’s fleet(and most of the luftwaffe down) I think I am sitting in good shape.  Thankful for the blunder by Japan on his non combat move by moving his fleet past the japan SZ and then placing only 2 tanks and 1 INF in Japan for his placements(he put 5 tanks on the mainland).

    Anyway, thanks for the insight, This is only my 2nd time playing(last time I was Japan and one of my platoon leaders was Germany, he got W EUR taken from him in RND4 and Berlin in 5, even though I was able to take Moscow in 5 as well I couldn’t get over there to save him).

  • You wrote everything down?

    And you have Microsoft Access.

    So I assume you have internet access.

    What you want is TripleA.  It’s a program that lets you play Axis and Allies Revised on a computer, so there’s no setup or takedown, and you can save your game and come back to it later.

  • But I’m on a gov’t pc, downloads and .exe are frowned upon.

  • I know where you are coming from (former Zoomie and USAITC Cadre here).

    Please feel free to create a thread in the “Games” area (not under the Tournament or League sub threads though) to post an internet copy of your game summary (what units are where) in order to create a copy that cannot be lost.

    It also would then be accessible to the other players in your unit if they wanted to review it before you played again.

    That way you can keep track online without having to download anything.

  • Thanks switch, We may finish tonight(have tomorrow off for the 4th), but us being able to play online would be nice because we wouldnt have to worry about space.  Hard to find an area to setup the board and leave it, my room is 7’x7’, and I’m an officer!

  • Ouch!

    I had 12’x15’ as a PFC in Ft. Benning!

  • 2007 AAR League

    yes, you should have a bigger room.

    and Jesus doesnt hate you, but its still a crime in 24 states.

  • Yea, Benning was ok, I am stationed out of Ft Lewis.  At least this deployment we have structures to live in, in 05/06 when here I lived in a tent with no AC, nothing better than getting to 130 in the daytime and no AC….

  • 2007 AAR League

    That would be why I joined the Navy instead.

    Of course, I still got to visit Baghdad for a short few months.  I did enjoy the confusion on the faces of the Army and Air Force guys when they figured out a submarine qualified Navy Chief was in Baghdad…

    Take care and come home safe.

  • When deciding on what branch to enlist in(I did an Officer Candidate contract), I figured I wouldnt want to be on a ship 6 months out of a year…if I had only known instead I’d be deployed for 15 months at a time every other year….

  • 2007 AAR League

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition…

  • We finished that battle today…He attacked my 3 subs, 2 trannies, 1 AC, 2 figs, 1 des with 1 BB, 1 AC, 2 figs, 1 des, 3 trannies, 2 subs and lost, I had 1 AC with 2 figs left.  They conceded after that battle.

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