• Days like today motivate me to keep on going. Let us not forget the sacrifice of those men who braved the guns at Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno, and Gold. And let us not forget the Rangers and the Airborne either, they played their part, for on this day those men became immortal.

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    Here is to those who served on the “Day of Days.”

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    why isnt AMC or TCM showing the longest day today?  :x

    how many men took place on the battle on the air drops and the intial invasion?  20,000?

    anyhoo, heres to the guys who took part. especially the guys at omaha.

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    Longest Day is my favorite movie of all time!

  • I believe the big red one had Omaha, and the 4th had Utah, thats well over 20,000 men and thats not counting the Tommies and the Canucks.

  • The 29th and the 1st were at Omaha against the 352nd.  I don’t know about Utah.

  • I’m in Bloomington, IN, watching another store install a new register system that I may get for my store.  It has multiple stores, and the first one was supposed to happen Monday night (4th).  It didn’t happen until yesterday, and I told the girl coordinating it that it just happened to be “D-Day” for her and historically.  She got a kick out of it.

    If I recall correctly, D-Day was also supposed to be on the 4th…

    I bought the Longest Day weeks ago, and tried to watch it for the first time between coming back from OBX last Sunday and leaving for Bloomington Monday.  I didn’t finish it…but I intend to later on.  I actually like A Bridge Too Far much better (so far).

    I did get to catch Saving Private Ryan on HBO for a good portion of it (mostly the landing and the last stand), one of my favorite flicks.

    Don’t forget the French Resistance.

  • To Vamrat

    Utah beach = 7th corps (4th US infantry division cinluding 12th reg.,2nd reg. & 8th reg).

    Don’t forget the Rangers 2nd battalion at ‘‘Pointe du hoc’’.


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    hey vamrat.

    i know who you are…… 😉

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    And still ,I have a hard time to figure out why Eisenhower went against his plan and landed at low Tide instead at high tide ?

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    If I recall correctly, D-Day was also supposed to be on the 4th…

    The ships were supposed to get going on the 4th (owing to the travel time required), and the first planes late on the 4th, for the invasion to start on the 5th (with the first glider and paratroop elements landing shortly after midnight, in the early hours of the 5th).  Bad weather forced a 24-hour postponement, with the ships and planes starting out on the 5th for an invasion on the 6th.

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    And still ,I have a hard time to figure out why Eisenhower went against his plan and landed at low Tide instead at high tide ?

    I’m not sure to what plan change you’re referring.  The D-Day plan, which took about two years to prepare, was very complex and highly detailed (all the way down to which planes would take off at what time intervals), and two major factors influencing the whole concept throughout this process were the tide tables (which affected the beach landings) and the rising of the moon (which affected the paratrooper drops).  This is why the Allies were so restricted in their choices of possible dates, and why the storm which blew up in early June was such a big worry: they only had a narrow window of time (3 days, I think) in which the tide/moon combination would be right, and if the storm hadn’t cleared up they would have had to postpone the invasion for (I think) at least two weeks before they would have gotten their next window.

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    I appreciate your comments CWO Marc but I have to gently pour out that D-Day maybe not happend they way it was told to us. If you really think it happend excactly the way Historians trying to explain to us then think again.
    In any Important event on D-day and even during the Normandy campaign extremly important german Forces had been unavailable. Coincidence?

    Maybe ,maybe the Germans betrayed them self.
    Maybe ,just maybe something went major wrong.
    At any given moment under fully aware aspect of the events on D-day any properly functioning German Force could have destroyed the Anglo - american Invasion and stopped it!

    _Die 21. Panzerdivision, die die von britischen Luftlandetruppen gehaltenen Orne-Brücken im Gegenstoß wieder nehmen sollte, wurde auf eine vollkommen idiotische Irrfahrt geschickt. Sie war auf eigene Initiative am Ostufer der Orne nach Norden gestoßen, als sie nicht mehr weit von den Brücken entfernt war, wurde ihr von der HGr B befohlen, kehrt zu machen und am Westufer entlang auf die Brücken vorzugehen!

    Diese völlig schwachsinnige Entscheidung (es war ja schließlich im Grunde egal, von welcher Seite die Briten geworfen wurden und die Brücken wieder freigekämpft wurden rettete die britischen Fallschirmjäger. Selbst wenn es Gründe für die Bevorzugung der Westroute gegeben haben sollte, waren diese in Anbetracht der Umstände, daß die Division schon so weit vorgerückt war und jede weitere Verzögerung sie nur den wütenden Jabo-Angriffen aussetzen mußte und die feindlichen Fallschirmjäger verstärken, bzw. sie sogar von den von See her landenden Truppen entsetzen lassen mußte - außerdem kamen die deutschen Verbände durch die Kehrtwendung völlig durcheinander - die Trosse bildeten jetzt die Spitze und die Panzer die Nachhut._

    In somewhat translated:
    For example: the 21 st PD on their own initiative trying to arrive at the bridge of the river Orne from North to free it from the Invasors, was sent (allmost allready there) back to attack the British Paratroopers there from the western side. Just plain stupid but why?
    It wouldn´t matter from wich side but now the Supporting vehicles of the 21st PD were Front and the Tanks drove last. Not only to imagine that the whole PD had to turn arround and cross fields to get back on track.
    There are plenty more examples and questions of Why??
    A solid working war machinery now playing games??

    _Maybe ,maybe the Germans betrayed them self.

    …not all shiny things are made of Gold…_

  • You mean it wasn’t like the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ or the video game ‘Medal of Honor: Allied Assault’ ?

  • In honor of June 6th 1944 lets revisit a popular D-Day post.

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    Morning Worsham.
    Thanks for reposting this. I enjoyed the read.

    I loved reading about the 89 year old RN vet, who was unable to go on an accredited visit to the commemorations, so jumped on a ferry while in town. As a precaution, the nursing home where he lived on the South coast called the police. He said he wants to go next year too.
    He even bought Duty Free on the ferry!

    He is called Bernard Jordan if you want to look him up.

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