Global War House Rule: French Foreign Legion

  • 1.2.6 French Foreign Legion (France only)
    Build on: 1 Légion Étrangère per turn may be built in any (Free) French territory under infantry placement rules.
    Specialty: Légion Étrangère can enter deserts. Once it enters or leaves a desert its movement stops for that turn. In a desert it can only be attacked by aircraft.

    The above rule is a rule which can be used with World at War. I use the Airfix Foreign Legion miniatures of scale 1:72. Besides these all my heavy infantry are from Atlantic, Revel, Airfix, Esci, Odemars and others.

    You could also replace your regular infantry, which I have done and paint them and put them on the board. See what these guys made of it:
    They painted all their Revised pieces. Looks awesome doesn’t it. I also have political rules. You can use the Roco Leaders of the second world war figures in scale 1:87. Hard to find, because they were destroyed in the USA, because it contained Nazi figures such as Goering and Hitler. It also contains Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Mussolini.
    As you can read in the rule, the Global War map has deserts. It also has mountains and rivers. There are oil producing countries. You can use the provisions from Axis and Allies Battle of the Bulge as oil markers if you wish to make a house rule out of it. There is too much I could write here. I am working on the latest rule version and at the moment very busy finishing my first year at school, so more info will follow later. Sorry I don’t have a link to the Global War. If anyone can provide such a link I would be grateful.



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