• Hey everyone,

    I am a big Axis and Allies player, and have always enjoyed naval warfare in any of the Axis and Allies boardgame variants. Over the past few days I have been reading a lot about Axis and Allies: War at Sea, and am thoroughly intereseted in getting into the game and building a fleet.

    My question regards which nation to begin with?, I don’t want to buy random booster packs and hope I get this or that. My plan was to focus on building a fleet for a specific nation, and was wondering if anyone could give me some inputs into the strengths and weakness of the units of each nation. I definitely want to build a German fleet, but am also interested in British, U.S., and Japanese units as well.

    Also, if anyone could recommend 100-200 point builds for each nation as well, that would be awesome.

    I appreciate any input, thanx!  😄

    • Admiral_Scheer

  • I’d pick a theatre of the war to build and as you are leaning to a German fleet, I’d say the North Atlantic.  Unless you have friends with fleets, you had beter build two fleets.

  • I like to make Japanese and American Carrier fleets… sinking flattops is a hobby of mine!

  • Hi, I’m a new italian member.
    I’d like very much this game and I ask you if there are a complete list of stats cards with all characteristics.

    thank you

  • It’s kinda hard to answer your question because it depends on how much you are willing to spend, do you want to play historically, do you only want to collect one type of fleet?  I would say that it would be hard to win many games if you go German and then play against someone who is bringing an American fleet.  I say this because the Germans (and let’s add the Italians, French, Australian, and even to some extent the British) are so underpowered in the way of air power that I think you would lose every time.  If you play historically and avoid any kind of cheesy fleet combinations…well, you might have a chance.  In my opinion, and that’s all it is, you’d be hard pressed to beat an American fleet in a 150pt or higher game.  At that point level you can bring a battleship, two carriers and enough planes to destroy whatever your opponent is bringing…only a Japanese fleet with multiple Yamatos might stand a chance against an equal point American fleet.  Let’s say you collect only a German fleet…how would you stop my air power?  I’d have all your ships sunk before you made it within striking distance.  Maybe I’m full of crap, but, I’d say go American if you want the most balance and options.  Maybe the second set of WaS will have more air support for the Germans and the other Axis powers (Japan not included) but as it stands now…they’d get crushed.  I don’t think that would be much fun for you.

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