Couple of questions, wondering people's ideas about them

  • Well, as my signature shows, I’m teaching a class on Axis and Allies Revised and a couple of questions came up that I’m hoping to answer either tomorrow or next week.

    Assuming no bid

    The first one was about dealing with Germany building 5 transports in the batlic.  Russia in this scenario attacked Belorussia and West Russia.  I would build 2 arm, 6 inf with Britain, grab the armor from Eastern Canada, have United States send fighter, bomber and load both transport to the UK.  That should make it impossible to take Britain, and I would make sure that Britain always had enough men to defend, and Russia would push hard since Germany would be down one entire turn of purchasing.  I assume that is the best way to deal with it, but if someone has another idea.

    The other question I have a slight difficulty, and that is how would I do an effective kjf strategy.  Unforunately, I’m not sure how to go about it when I have a good German and Japanese player.  I was thinking about having Russia send enough to help protect Sinkang and India, and hold the line at Buryatia, assuming of course that Japanese doesn’t send everything against India, since it won’t hold without sacraficing too much on the German front.  I would have Britain send a little bit to africa, probably turn two, that way, I don’t leave my island into too much danger.  After a couple of landings in Africa, I would try to send the fleet north, to Norway and helping to hold Karelia for the Russians.  US would be making a pacific fleet and building out of a Siankang production facility and I would try to sail out turn 3 ish to Solomons, hopefully join up with the British fleet there.  Then have the fleet island hop, aiming for a production facility in East Indies, that way, I don’t have to worry about my america fleet being reinforced from WUS.  I’m not sure if I send the American Altanic Fleet to the pacific right away or have it land in africa first turn, possibly have it go around the cape of good hope, possibly linking up in East Indies, depending on the Japanese fleet manuevers.  Not sure if this is the best strategy though, any advice would be appreciated.


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    The other question I have a slight difficulty, and that is how would I do an effective kjf strategy.

    jennifer loves to talk about KJF.  i’m sure she’d fill you in fully on some good strategies.

    for the defending britain, at best germany is going to send w/ a 5 transport buy–-7 inf, 5 arm in the baltic trans and if you control sz 13 you can have another arm and inf on that german trans.  you will have 2 figs and a bomber, and a battleship bombardment.

    britain will most likely have a buy of 6 inf, 2 arm,    or 2 figs and 3 inf.  america will only get its fig and bomber there to absorb hits.  it can also have a reinforcement last ditch takeover force waiting in hudson bay if the improbable happens and britain gets taken over.  if britain chooses to take the 6 inf and 2 arm purchase it will be    8 inf, 4 arm, 1 art, 2 figs, 1 bomber for britain.  america will give it the bomber and fighter.  so thats 8 inf, 4arm, 1 art, 3 figs,2 bomber(18 hits) vs.  6 arm, 7 inf, 2 figs, 1 bomber (16 hits)  germany has a lot of ones, while britain has lots of fodder, with 4 (3’s) and 3 (4’s).

    britain will win that one, and if they are unlucky with dice and are defeated, the americans can hopefully take it back.  and russia will dominate.

    secondly, how did you get this teaching gig.  is it at a university, or at a town hall type place?  it seems to give me the greatest idea for UNO…

  • EOU has an intact program where people can teach classes for one credit, and the only benefit I get out of it is I get that credit at a reduced rate.  But at least I found a couple of new people to play Axis and Allies with since one of the people I normally play is graduating.

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    Also, if you landed the russian fighters in Moscow on R1 you can fly them to UK on R2 to help defend….you’ll probably only do this if you sniff out the Axis plans ahead of time - in fact if the russian fighters are in Moscow you probably shouldn’t be buying baltic trans on G1…

    As for KJF, I’ve not really successfully pulled it off.  Darth likes to talk about it, so I assume he’s done it.  The thing to remember is that you don’t necessarily need a fleet that can destroy the japanese fleet.  You just need a fleet that can defend against the japanese fleet.  Island hopping is the key here.  But with the US focusing on the Pacific (and maybe a little bit on the atlantic) Germany is going to get large, so you will probably not hold West Russia with the Allies, but the benefit would be that japan would probably be too busy with the US to really threaten Caucasus.  Just be careful with Russia because if she gets behind the 8 ball, help is a long way away (maybe the UK through ARC).

  • Germany can actually have far more FIGs on that attack.  4 would be almost “standard” palcement in Western, and possibly up to all 6 FIGs and the BOM.

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    Germany can actually have far more FIGs on that attack.  4 would be almost “standard” palcement in Western, and possibly up to all 6 FIGs and the BOM.

    Yep.  Particularly with the build of 5 trn you gotta believe Germany plans on threatening UK with the max on G2 so they’re all going to be in Western.

  • And the only way to be certain of holding against it is to both max reinforce UK AND to build an AC and consolidate fleet in SZ6.  That forces the Germans to pull of large amounts of their air power to break through the fleet, leaving them lacking punch for the land assault.

  • I pretty sure you have the Sealion defense down pat.  reinforce UK, land US transport.

    The only time sealion has worked for me was when I built a baltic carrier, built a fighter, landed all my fighters on WEU, and great britain didnt have too many land forces on turn 2.  It was a tough decision, but I did it, with heavy los to my fighters.  Luckily, the US had their atlantic fleet on the first turn pulled out, ready to move to the pacific, and couldnt take the UK back.  Either way, germany was 20-some IPCs richer, and leningrad an india fell quick (9vc game).  Sealion is all about opportunity and a baltic fleet thats at least 1 unit stronger.

    KJF is touchy.  Build and attack fleet with the US (i really dont like any sinkang IC but people say it works soooo……),  send a few russian units into persia, sinkang (or novosibirsk), and yakut. Russia’s job should be to keep germany occupied while the rest of the allies do the dirty work.  If a lot of the UK fleet is intact in the pacific after turn 2, an australian IC might not be a bad idea.

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    Without getting to complicated with the details (I don’t run a strict KJF so there is quite a bit of manuevering I do before I commit to it) here is a general US philosophy.

    Go heavy with AC’s and ftrs.  Round 1 buy 2 AC, 1 ftr.  This gives you a fleet of 1 trn, 1 dd, 2 ac, 4 ftrs, 1 bb in the Pac at the end of Rd 1.  Round 2 you add an AC and 2 more ftrs, Round 3 another AC and 2 more ftrs.  The range of the AC’s and ftrs is extremely important.  By round 3 or 4 you should be able to take the Sol is (you still buy 1 ac, 2 ftrs), then you should have your pick of EI or Bor.  As RJ pointed out, you don’t need to sink the Japanese fleet, you just make sure it can’t leave Sz 60.

    The continued purchase of the ACs and ftrs can threaten so many sea zones that Japan is forced to keep her fleet together in one seazone and also makes it extremely costly to Japan if they try a one turn strafe to takeout the US trans.

    Then once you have Sol you can go to EI and Bor, place an IC there, and have your choice of landing spots while you continue to box in Japan.

  • Thanks for the information, I’m assuming with this strategy, DM, that you also don’t build an India production faculity, correct?

    Thanks to everyone for the ideas, and hopefully the class won’t have to Britain falling second turn next time.  Sort of mean, tried to see how the class would deal with Canadian Shield, more or less played to my hands, Britain didn’t build much of a defensive mainland or put fleet into blocking, will talk about it Monday since class was really small on Wednesday.

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