What Beleifs/Parties do u guys/gals belong to?

  • 🙂

  • Uh no offense since you weren’t around here before this, but we already had one of these “choose your own political affiliation”

    BTW: What is Ewokist? Do we sit around C-3PO and tell stories of Vader’s wrath while singing “Yub Yub?” :roll:

  • I am a semi-environmentalist, social democrat / democratic socialist…

  • well Ewokists are not that 😞 were kinda like in between, Facists and Utopian Socialists. with a littel Roman Empire in there. 😉

  • Where does the ‘Little Roman Empire’ fit in? I thought Ewoks were a helping hand in overthrowing the Galatic Empire…

    PS: How are the Ewoks fascist? Is their tribe based on a hierarchy? I think there was the ‘head hancho’, elder Ewok who wore a ceremonial headpiece with lots of feathers and a spiritual walk stick 🙂 lol

  • no he was just the medicine man. and the Galactic EMpire were the good guys 😉

  • Wow… Star Wars was never as I imagined it. I thought the prequels were going to be confusing :roll:

  • LW… i wish it is not for “Left Wing”. If it is; what the hell is a Left-wing Capitalist and a Right-wing Socialist… Left mean intervantion of the state in economy, Right mean no/minimal intervation of the state in economy, how can a Right-wing Socialist exist ? Why not a form of red only compose of Blue. Sure if you have a very large definition of Capitalist you can take Social Democrat for Left-wing Capitalist, at the limit, but right-wing Socialist are called Moderate Socialist, not Right-wing Socialist.

    Anyway not in France… and not in Germany.

  • alrighty then

  • i mean Right wing and Left wing not in Economy wise but in Moral and State LAws and practices 😉

  • In modern American Politics, I fall to either side depending upon the issue, somewhat Centrist but, to pull a moses, radical centrism.

    OVerall though, I support Capitalism (because Communism cannot work), am against abortion and believe that drug use and prostitution are problems which can be solved, so I fall to the right.

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