• 2007 AAR League

    The submarine submerge happens at the same time as the attacker is deciding to retreat or not, after all combat for that round.

    Thus, the defending submarine always gets to fire, even if the opponent is a submarine sank it.

    The crucial difference is a defending submarine can submerge instead of dying.

    An attacking submarine can submerge after the attack, thereby forcing the other player to treat that seazone as hostile in his next move.  Think about that in the context of preventing a two seazone move by a convoy…

  • @Adlertag:


    I am so confused about submerging

    UK attack with a Battleship, Germany defend with a sub.

    1)The sub roll a first shot, a miss

    1. The BB roll, and miss. Now the sub can submerge ?

    UK attack with two subs. Germany defend with a sub

    1. The UK subs roll, and miss. Now the the German sub roll, a miss
    2. Now the german sub can submerge ?

    So the defending sub can both roll and submerge in the same round ?
    Or must it choose between rolling dice or submerge ?

    For the first example:  BB on SUB:  Yes, you can submerge the German SUB after 1 round of combat is completed  (if you live).

    For the xecond example:  Both the UK and German SUBs roll AT THE SAME TIME, both attacker and defender get openning fire.  After ALL combat for a turn is complete, surviving SUBs can choose to submerge.

  • 2007 AAR League



    One thing about Craig…

    When it comes to the rules, I have NEVER known him to be wrong.

    While I try real hard to get it right, that doesn’t mean I’m not wrong from time to time. 😄

    Plus, I have people like Blackwatch to bounce things off if it is really convoluted. 😮


    I thought you were Blackwatch. :evil:

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