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    Assume that things in a “KGF” game go “normal”: Germany brings troops to the russian front and bolsters it’s defence in France. The United Kingdom und the USA do what they can to move as many forces as possible to the european theatre.

    When does D-Day take place?
    Do you wait until you massed plenty of troops and start an all out assault or do you skirmish (many D-Days)?.
    What is more efficient? What does it depend on? It is only a matter of time that Japan conquers Moscow if the western allies are moving inefficient or it takes to long to crush Germany, so time is crucial.

    How do you do it?

  • 2007 AAR League

    I like to bring troops through Norway>Karelia and then to wherever I need them to block the Germans from expanding eastward and they are in position to reinforce moscow if needed from japanese. Then when Germany is contained and you have mass troops waiting to strike berlin and the germans retreat from Western europe that’s when i usually attack

  • Wouldn’t it be better to exchange forces with the Germans early in the game (turn 4 or 5) to distract them from the eastern front?
    You could create a kind of “Verdun” with this tactic…

  • I agree with going to Norway b/c you create a stale mate between Germany and Russia where players are less likely to attack when no one will win.


  • 2007 AAR League

    If Russian defense is sound, by all means the allies should take the offensive and hit Germany where it will hurt.  WEU or EEU are typical targets.

    But if Russia is in danger of losing her capital, forego d-day and continue shuttling troops to Russia’s rescue until the defense is sound.

  • Yeah, but I save IPC’s by not buying more than 6 TRN’s for the US and buy more land units to stack in Norway.

    If I wanted to land in WU who knows how many TRN’s I would need to take it and how many more I would need to hold it.


  • Sorry spelling problems Western Europe not WU.


  • Moderator

    As the Allies I prefer going the Nor/Kar/EE route, before thinking about taking WE.

    You can usually force the Germans into abondoning WE so you can take it or trade it with minimal force.  IF they don’t condede WE then they will most likely be cut off from being a threat to Moscow.

    I always like maintaining a clear path for the Allies to Moscow just in case.  If you continually land heavy in WE that could leave Russia on her own against a powerful Japan.  This can be very dangerous if the Axis player knows what he’s doing.

  • I’ve experimented with two types of tranni chains. Running a chain of 4 transports (2 fleets of 4 transports each) or even 5 means a lot of ground troops whereas a chain of 3 transports provides you with more fighters und thus means more flexibility in my opinion. Some people say that you should better build more transports in successive turns (slowly) to be able to launch a big invasion.
    What is your experience?

  • Moderator

    I like two fleets (over the course of time). 
    The first will be the UK fleet which eventually gets moved to sz 6 then to sz 5.  I usually have about 4-5 UK trns.

    The second would be the US fleet which gets stationed at sz 12.  I only need 4-5 trns for the US.

    The UK fleet/troops threaten all of Northern Europe, while the US fleet protects Afr for later Japanese landings as well as maintain a threat on SE (even if it is only a bluff).

    As the game goes on the US can gradually add more trans and shift troops to Europe or perhaps even create a third fleet and move the one from Sz 12 to Sz 14.  Now you can really threaten SE or even Cauc if Russia needs help.

    The UK’s job is to get a nice stack in Kar where you can pick off the Germans and/or help reinforce Moscow.

    I like to box Germany in then turn the 3 Allies against Japan.

    It can be extremely difficult and costly to actually take Berlin using a 1-2 type punch, so I just eliminate them as a threat to Moscow then make sure I can control Japan.  After that time is on the Allies side and it doesn’t matter to me if the game goes 10, 15, 25, or 30 rounds because each round that goes by I’m getting more units on the board.

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