US Civil War in 4 Minutes

  • That was a “stick it in their eye” statement that was put in by the wealthy land owners.

    But even in 1861, automation was making slaves obsolete and more expensive than machinery.

  • what other issues did the south site as to proof of the fed overstepping the bounds…or did they say were going to overstep their bounds.

  • Industrialization was a major factor.  “Nationalism” at the state level was also a factor.  Simple economics (note the rail lines that existed in the US in 1860, where they were, where most of them were, and what directions they ran) may have been the greatest factor.

    Slavery, like Abortion today, was simply an emotional trigger, a way to incite one side or the other about a certain issue.  And like Abortion today, there were few in the north or south who were radical nutballs on the extremes of the issue.

  • Industrialization was bound to kill slavery.  however there were enough radicals in both parties to make it a major issue in the conventions.  so much so in the Charlestown convention that democrats were willing to lose the election rather than nominate stephan douglas who was THE states rights candidate.

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