Elite Infantry Officially Recosted By WotC!!!

  • Just read it on the Avalon Hill / WotC message board.  SS-panzergrenadiers and Rangers are now cost 7!


  • Effective 1 June 07, the SS-Panzergrenadier and the U.S. Ranger will cost 7.

    The SS- Panzergrenadier and the U.S. Ranger were clearly superior to any other 5 cost infantry. The existence of these 2 units meant that few other infantry were being played. Various rule options were discussed as a possible fix, in testing it turned out the only real solution was to change the cost of these 2 elite infantry to be more in line with the other infantry.

    Although we dislike changes like this, we want the cards to be what is printed on them, this change puts the infantry on a more even footing. The only other option was to limit the number of elite infantry but we felt that changing the cost was the more appropriate action.

  • That’s really gay, if only because I have armies already set up, and I don’t wanna have to revise them for something like this.

    I’m more in favor of the rule in which the number of elite infantry is limited.  In my US/UK army, there are only 2 Rangers.  Sure, in my German army, there are 5 SSPGs, but who’s counting…

  • They had better be reprinting the card and putting it in the next set, or it’ll make adoption much more difficult.


  • '19 Moderator

    Note to self, when I buy a game I need to regularly check the game makers web site to make sure they haven’t changed the rules.


  • Yeah,  This probably was necessary but man it’s awkward.

  • Would of just preffered them to cap how many 5/5 infantry u can play…

  • It’d be nice if you could mail your old cards to them and have them send you new cards to replace them.

  • More recosts with the re-release…

    The Panzer IV is going from 30 to 22

    The Tiger is going from 63 to 56


  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Do you have a link for this? Ugh. The problem with AH is that there really isn’t a good spot where they put all of their errata.

  • I can even do you one better, here is an image of the new card:


    And here is a movie of the booster getting opened and you get a good look at the new paint job for the Tiger…looks really good:


    I don’t have the other at my fingertips, let me go hunt down the Panzer IV links…


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