HEY YANNY ? ? … ? ?

  • I noticed in one of your posts somewhere on here…you mentioned buying a IC for Germany in Switzerland. You said it could be a potent tactic. I am curious as to why? Look forward to your insight…

  • I buy the Ic for japan. I do this because, if Japan cranks out 1 infantry per turn, for 30 turns, thats a good boost to the german defense. I’d go as far as saying thats a game winning defense.

  • im confused, aren’t neutral countries worth 0 IPC’s? how can you build units there then? Enlighten me.

  • In the rules clarification it states that if you build an IC in a neutral country it may produce 1 unit per turn.

  • ah…i see…but does Japan have to occupy Switzerland first to build an IC or can you do it without physically having any troops there to begin with?

  • Japan needs to get an infantry over there to take it.

  • Excellent!

  • Of course Germany could to the same thing by just keeping an extra infantry in Germany each turn. It would cost the Germans more but the Japanese would get a little more cash.

  • I don’t see the point of this tactic. First of all, Germany will not survive for 30 turns if your playing a halfway decent allies player. The game is usually over by then anyways. And how the heck are you going to get the Japs over there in the first place?

  • This tactic is assuming Russia Restricted And/Or a bid. Germany can survive awhile.

  • yanny iv’e never really thought this tactic does any good.

  • do the math. 50 turn germany. Lets say turn 10 you build your first infantry. 40 turns later, you build your 40th infantry. I put those 40 infantry in Germany. That means to match that it takes 40 full transports of Infantry. I want to see 40 full transports of infantry anywhere.

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