• The Axis can’t lose. And here is why.

    Despite the Russian attempt to blockade the Germans from getting to the capital or even Karelia, the overwhelming German attack force is too much for the outmanned Russians. Russia buys nothing but inf on all turns, and puts all on Karelia. It can also, and should, move some troops to defend Caucasus. Best Russian T1 strategy is to throw everything it can at Eastern Europe. This is done to cut the German supply line and prevent the Germans from smashing into Karelia with all it has. It should survive with 2 infantry and maybe a tank. This isn’t meant to hold, it is meant to cut the line and take 3 ipc’s. This can count for one more inf on Karelia. Use the Russian sub and transport to attack the German sub in the Atlantic. Now with the other troops on the eastern front, use them to assault Manchuria. This is done to slow the Japanese and possibly prevent them from putting an Industrial Complex down on Kwangtung. Despite this seemingly foolproof Russian T1, the Germans will prevail. Here is how:

    German T1, use planes and sea units to assault British sea units. This gives you the advantage in the sea. Buy nothing but tanks, 6 tanks, save 2 IPC. Take back Eastern Europe with what you have only from the west. Leave what you have in Ukraine for defense. You should have more than enough tanks and inf from germany and western to use. Move the two Southern Europe inf to Western Europe. Use the transport to move down a tank into Africa. It can then work with the other tank and inf to take out most of Africa. By the end of Ger T1 you should have everything under control. Return one of the fighters that you used earlier against the sea units to Fin-Nor for defense. Collect somewhere around 34 IPC.

    Then the British. The British now can’t do too much with their Atlantic Fleet because it has been destroyed. If the British want they might attempt to stop the Japanese by placing an IC on India, but it will be taken in 2 or 3 more turns by Japan. The British can fly what planes they have into Karelia for defense, for prolonging the inevitable. Transport the tank off of Eastern Canada into the UK. UK T1 doesn’t have much more to do. Africa will be lost despite any US attempt to take it back. Even if they do, it won’t stop the German advance.

    The Japanse. Best country in the game. Here is why. Nothing can be done to quickly enough to stop the Japanese. From a British IC on India to US landings in SFE, the Japanese can get a foothold fast on the mainland. Buy an IC for Japan T1 and place on Kwangtung. Japan should take its planes from surrounding islands and put one of French Indo-China Burma and the other on Manchuria if it hasn’t been taken over. If it has, place one on Kwangtung and the other on French Indo-China Burma. This bulks up the Japanese front and makes attacking it less appealing. Take all naval units except the transports and the 1 bomber from Japan to attack the US Fleet at Hawaii. You should take it out on the first turn. If you don’t, lose the sub to keep the Battleships and Carrier with the fighter. Return the bomber to Japan. Transport 2 inf off of the Philippines to French Indo-China Burma. Transport a tank off of Japan to Manchuria if it hasn’t been taken. If it has, transport 2 inf to Kwangtung. This gives the Japanese a force that is too strong for any one country to handle. Collect around 25 IPC.

    The American’s cannot do too much now to stop the Japanese. To this day I have not found an American strategy that can help quickly enough to stop the Japanese. They can try to hold Africa but it won’t be effective enough. By the time they do the Germans and the Japanese will have sandwhiched the Russian capital. Tech-rolls are too inefficient and will do too little too late.

    Tell me what you think. And if you have a way to stop the Axis then tell me. Thanks for reading this.

  • Flaws - all you need is for the british to maybe purchase a carrier in the atlantic - America lands its planes on it, and you bring whatever transports available into the area. Chances are Germany already lost one or more ftrs in other sea battles (vs. UK BB’s, usually). The allies can have navel superiority by UKT2 or T3 (as the Germans keep deep6’ing planes). Then you just keep dropping troops on Karelia or Norway in order to reinforce Karelia. Furthermore allies ftrs can also reinforce Karelia if you don’t want to go Navy quite yet. Have the Americans funnel troops into Africa, and eventually the allies will win via attrition (having more money etc.)
    W.R.T the Japanese - they certainly are fun, however they merely need to be contained until around T3-T4 by which point Russia will be well reinforced. Furthermore their supply lines just get stretched far too thinly. A kill Japan First strategy would be able to temper their fury, however it’s usually enough to just starve Germany out.

  • np.LG - Without even worrying about details, let’s back up and look at the big picture here - I am going to guEss that your Allied opponents are missing the key strategy to playing Axis and Allies: the North Atlantic convoy.

    As soon as possible, the UK and the US should be dumping as many infantry as possible into Norway to help Support Karelia and Russia. Very soon in the game, this will be at least 16 Allied infantry every turn into the European Theatre! And there is almost literally nothing the Axis can do about it. This infantry support turns Russia into an almost impenetrable fortress - Karelia will never fall to a good Allied player, and the Allies help defend Russia from the West, by marching troops into and through Russia. A good US player will do everything he can to ignore Japan and the Pacific as much as possible, and get masses of troops over to Europe instead.

    I know this isn’t a lot of detailed information, but trust me - it is true. For the Allied strategy I am speaking of, take a look at the essays on the following website:


    The essays do a good job of descibing the Convoy strategy. Read them, learn them, then play your friends with the Allies - and watch the look of revelation on their faces!

    If you play the CD game, I will be glad to meet up with you online and teach them to you in person. Just send me an email at jg2_ansbach@yahoo.com.

    Have fun!

  • Alright guys thanks so much for taking your time and reading what I had to say. I have been playing Axis and Allies for a while, yet I have not seen such thought out plans here. Thanks again so much. I will be sure to use new strategy now 😄

    I appreciate it guys


  • Of course this is all wrong. I only have one question - do you play for money?

  • These people who straightened you out are on to something. I’d like to play them sometime (only for fun).

  • I usually play the Japanese when we play, and I play usually opposite a very good German player. While we have achieved an Economic Victory with 84 IPCs quite frequently, the odds are in the favor of the Allies.

    The USA should always ferry troops to Africa and keep it in the hands of the UK for as long as it takes to wear out poor Germany. While Japan is taking over most of Asia and marching on Moscow’s backdoor, German must try to get into Africa and take it -while battling The USA’s frequent attempts at the Normandy invasion and the steady assault of Russian infantry on their Eastern front. The Germans should never - I repeat NEVER - spend all their money in any one turn of play and spend it all on Tanks! Infantry are cheaper and more useful. If Germans destroy the British Navy (likely) and continue to sink everything UK puts into the water via their aircraft (always maintain the Luftwaffe), then UK isn’t much of a threat. However, be very afraid of the damage they can inflict on you via Strategic Bombing Runs. 2-3 Bombers flying out of London every Turn can kill you as Germany. Once Africa is stabilized or at least a constant battle back & forth, have the Pacific fleet of the USA start to take islands from the Japanese. Suddenly, Japan will turn away form Moscow and turn to face the USA. It can happen quickly and if Japan isn’t careful and German falls too quickly, they are doomed in a matter of rounds.

    Take it from me, the odds are heavily in the favor of an Allied victory. I have yet to take the USA as Japan, but ever will I attempt to devise a way!

  • np.LG, I don’t even have to get into any specific hole-punching in your strategy to just say a simple fact of A&A.

    If it’s not far-fetched enough to propose that ANY strategy is guaranteed to work once, it’s even more far-fetched to suggest that any strategy is guaranteed to work against any good player a second time.

  • The Jedi Charles, you should see my ‘Build All Bombers’ strategy for the Allies… TG Moses has not been found the ‘magic bullet’ to overcome it 🙂

    1942 Samurai, it is very hard to maintain a Luftwaffe with Germany’s limited resources. I suggest no further attacks on the Allied fleets after turn one. Trying to sink all Allied ships, given significant protection [Aircraft Carrier], will result in an eventual loss for Germany. This is very similar to the Allies resorting to a ‘Build All Bomber’ strategy to force the Germans into a costly war of attrition. Most likely, with the increasing burdens place on manufacturing new planes, Russia will take advantage of Germany’s lack of reserves on the Russo-German Front and make a breakthrough. I try to think of Germany’s fighters as more of a threat to the Allies, forcing them to spend money on naval defenses, rather than actively chasing down ships with high losses.

  • The Jedi Charles, you should see my ‘Build All Bombers’ strategy for the Allies

    Hm. Guaranteed?

    I won a game against a player trying that sort of thing before. Maybe he wasn’t using them the way you claim is so effective. In his case, my German forces rejoiced that they didn’t have to get their feet dirty since they could walk across downed allied bombers all they way to Red Square.


    How would you use them, specificly?

  • Ha, you should read TM’s post for the All Bomber Strategy in the “Supporting Units” topic, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh at them. As for the All Bomber Strategy, don’t even tough it if your luck isn’t good enough. Now everybody can string together 5’s and 6’s each turn! :evil:

  • No need to say more.
    Kudos to cc, SUD, and Ab! U dun good!
    Onward into battle - Xi

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