Biding VS. national advantages

  • Hey all,

    I was wondering what your views were regarding new players to the game and compensating them before you demolish them like a rabid junk yard dog would a soft little bunny.

    So the question do you give them a bid or a national advantage?


  • 2007 AAR League

    Not another biding thread  😄 :lol:

  • I give 'em the BACK OF MY HAND!

    YA RLY!

  • Oh yeah, usually I just give 'em units or an NA.  If I play against the same player, I’ll give 'em different units or NAs each time so they don’t get used to relying on whatever I gave 'em the first time.  I think that switching up thing is pretty important.

    Giving new players bids isn’t good.  They don’t know where to put their bid, how to use it even if they did know where to put the bid.

  • I’m teaching my cousin how to play I was the Axis b/c he was born in England and moved to Canada so he was die hard about having the UK any way I gave him a bid last time b/c he got wasted the time before I gave him 15 IPC’s to use for any allied country. I wasn’t worried b/c I thought he would buy a US Pacific Navy. Instead he bought 5 INF and put them in Moscow. Needless to say that slowed down the Axis advance early on.

    I like your idea about mixing it up. Keeps them on there toes. he he


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