• I’m very new to A&A. I’m playing Axis and I defeated USSR and UK was weakened. But US rsearched heavy bmb, which is a theat to Japan.
    I want to destroy its two bmb. One havvy bmb is in Alaska, with lots of troops. Another is in Western US, I can’t attack it, even I have long range bmb.
    What can I do? Defence for Japan and wait for Germans take UK and attack easern US? Or get a dozens of fighter for Japan and raid the US? Or do you guys have other suggestions? Please help me!!!

  • 2007 AAR League

    It would very much depend how much each country is making on the Industrial Production board.  If Japan + Germany are making significantly more than UK + USSR + USA (possible since you have taken USSR and weakened UK), then even if the US has Heavy Bombers you should be able to outlast him.  Often though the only effective counter for Heavy Bombers is for you to research Heavy Bombers too, and hope you get them before he bombs away all your income.

    Good luck!

  • I disagree…surender i your only option…

  • AA guns EVERYWHERE, plus outbuilding your oponnent in INF is a good way to counter.

    Naval Transport is a beotch when your enemy has HB’s.  But if the Allies get HB, and Russia has fallen, then the Axis has to focus on scarfing up every single IPC in Asia, Europe and Africa, as well as grabbing the extended area UK IPC’s in Australia and New Zealand.

    If the Axis achieves 100% dominance of those areas fairly quickly after the development of HB’s, then the Axis just starts staging out of range of the Allied HB’s, allows the AA to go to work, and just puts together a nasty little treat for the Americans or Brits…

    A combination of TRNs, AC’s and FIGs will put an end to HB’s pretty economically once the main one-piece land mass is under Axis dominance.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. I won’t surrender, zosima,  of course, if I want, just simply resign is ok, but I want to find a way to the victory.
    I’m reassured after reading rjclayton’s post. I have 40 NPL more than the allies, and I’m confident that I can get Africa and Australia within 3 turns. So I have sufficient funds to buy AA guns, INF and research HB(if I’m not too unlucky as usual, I’ve used 3ARM to attack 3INF, but the death of the ARM only exchange the death of 1INF…).
    But one question. Omit the Southeast Asia,for Japan, HB can cover Japan SZ and SFE. SFE is ok, but I can only build ships in Japan SZ, because I have another IC in Sinkiang only. Shall I build a IC in Kwantung or Philippines?

  • Instead of the IC (which is just anoher target for the HB’s)
    Save cash for a round or 2, and then drop a huge fleet in one shot.  Let him go after it with the HB’s, and take them out.
    Heavy on TRNs in that new fleet, with at least one loaded AC to take out the HB’s.  But make sure that you have enough fodder that, even if every shot from the HB’s hit, you do not lose the AC’s or FIGs.

    If you have the economic advantage, you can afford to lose 2 TRN for each HB shot down.  So build in a ratio of 1 AC, 2 FIG, 3 TRN initially, and once you ahve 2 loaded AC’s, then just increase TRNs.  Drop your fleet when you have a 3 to 2 advantage of FIGs to his HB’s.

    BTW:  If you have $40 more income than the Allies, you have already won… Economic Victory is achieved by the Axis at $84 income at the end of a full turn.

  • Seems great, I haven’t think about that before… But as I’ve said, I’m very new to A&A. Can you tell me what is AC and Figs? Thanks.
    Also, my friend and I is playing the classic version, with no economic victory… So my road to the victory is still long.

  • 2007 AAR League

    AC = Aircraft Carrier
    FIG = Fighters on aircraft carriers

    Good luck!

  • Thank you very much. My problem is solved. I know how deal with the HB. It is not such a  big threat as I thought. Allies is falling!
    Thank you for your help. I’ll consult you if I have other questions. Thanks.

  • 2007 AAR League


    Allies is falling!

    :lol: 😉

  • Axis win at $ 85 + income.

  • Why is it called M84 then… and not M85 😛

  • It is $84.

    Starting Axis income plus the equivalent of Russia’s income.

  • 2007 AAR League


    It is $84.

    Starting Axis income plus the equivalent of Russia’s income.


    Starting Income

    Germany: 32
    Japan: 25
    Russia: 24
    Total: 81

    It is M84, but Switch’s math doesn’t add up in my book.

  • Sorry.

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