• I know that AAR enhanced seems to do a good job of balancing NAs…  But I was wondering what some good ideas are for playing by regular rules using the regular NAs that can still maintain game balance.

    I was thinking that if there was a way to alter the advantages in such a way that all of them would be considered to be of equal value, then you could play using random advantages.  Or mabye just value all the advantages and let each side choose up to a certain total value of all advantages?  Or mabye just come up with a fixed set of advantanges that makes the game balanced?

    But how do you value advantages?  Any ideas on how to make advantages balances, or on how to use them to balance the game without using a bid?

  • 2007 AAR League

    I think LHTR attempted to balance the advantages a bit…

  • Ok, how about this.  If you had to play without a bid and with giving every nation one NA, what would produce the most balanced game in your opinion?

    I was thinking:

    Rus: trans-siberian railway
    Ger: panzerblitz
    UK: radar
    Japan: detroyer transport ability
    US: island bases

    These are all somewhat useful in certain situations, but not overly powerful.  And I think it gives the Axis a slight advantage in terms of the usefulness of the NAs

  • This is an easy one. Let the Allies pick out the Axis advanteges and let the Axis pick the Allied advanteges. I bet they both will find the crapy ones of equil value.


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