Industrial Complexes in Brown Spaces

  • The official faq says this

    "Where can Industrial Complexes be built?

    Only the US can build ICs, and they can only be built in territories that are blue (US) or brown (Japanese) AND under US control."

    This means the US can build them in Siam, FIC, Ryukyu Is, Bonin Is, Shantung, Manchuria, and Korea.

    My question is whether or not Shantung, Manchuria, and Korea are “liberated” back to China and therefore not eligible for ICs.  The manual does say that these are Chinese territory under Japanese control at the start of the game.

    So when America moves troops into one of these spaces does it gain the IPC value and ability to build an IC there or not?

    Finally, can America take control of brown territories controlled by allies (presumably with consent)?  For instance, if India or China has taken already control of FIC, can the US drop land troops there, claim America now has jurisdiction, and start taking the IPCs/building complexes?

    These are somewhat obscure questions, but any input would be appreciated.

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    On your first question, the territories go back to China and no IC can be built there. I am not 100% on that and you might want to wait for Saburo to chime in on that.

    You can not change jurisdiction of a captured territory. If the Brits/Aussies move in they can not cede it to the US.

  • The US cannot build ICs in Korea, Manchuria or Shantung.  When these territories are liberated from the Japanese, they become Chinese regardless of which power or combinations of powers has retaken the territory.

    Control of territories cannot change hands between allies even by consent.  If the UK or China had the ground units that captured, Siam, FIC, Bonin Is. or Ryukyo Island, the allies cannot agree to place a US control marker there.

    However, there is one minor exception to this.  If ground units from both China and the US attack and capture FIC or Siam, it is up to the US/Chinese player as to which nation’s control marker is placed on the territory.  Note that simply having US airplanes participate in the attack is not enough.  There must be US ground forces surviving at the end of the battle for a US control marker to go on FIC or SIAM.

    In summary, the US may only build ICs in FIC, Siam, Philippines, Bonin Is or Ryukyo Islands if it controls any of those territories at the beginning of its turn.

    Hope that helps.


  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    Thanks, Saburo I knew you’d set things straight.  🙂

  • Seconded.

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