• Hey all,

    I’m looking for….

    JU 87G Stuka

    P-38G lightning

    Does Japan have a Zero, or the Soviet Union have an air unit?


  • I’ve got a Zero and a Shiden-Kai for Japan so “yes”.  I’ve got a Russian Sturmovik as well.  I hope to pick up a US and UK fighter at some point just so each country has got at leat one aircraft.

    Here are all the units (just ignore the War at Sea link, the others are what you want):


  • :?  I’m confused do you want to trade them or are you informing me that they are out there?


  • Sorry.  First I was telling they exist.  Secondly though, I’m open for trading off the Japaneses fighters for US or UK fighters.


  • I got the Super Marine Spitfire MK 1, but I’m not willing to part with him. Here are the US and UK units I’ll trade:


    “Red Devil” Captain

    M26 Pershing x2


    17-pounder antitank Gun

    40mm Bofors L60

    I got more but they are all common don’t know if you are interested.


  • No I’ve got all of those, and surprsiingly I think I’ve got two Pershing’s as well  😮

    It’s a high-value piece though so you might find some trades for them from someone.

    I generally don’t need commons, but there uncommons and rares that I’d be looking for.  If you pick up any more minis post them here!


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