• Title says it all.  The module is incomplete, but good enough to play Set 1.


  • Mot,

    I’ll pretend to be a newbie!  Half of its in the dice anyway.


  • Alright, I’ll bite.  I’ll try to use my lunch break to finish up the enhancement to MapView that will support multiple maps in one module so we can use random maps.  I’ll keep you posted!


  • I’ve got a plan on how to implement the feature without breaking compatability with older modules that don’t utilize the feature.  But it’ll be a week before I get as far as g it.

    Instead, I’ll just make another module with which ever map we roll up.  I can do that in a few minutes.


  • So first we roll for side and build our armies right?  Then roll again for the map.  At that point I’ll quickly create and upload a module with the desired map in it and we can play.

    Any questions?

  • Anyone want to play?


  • Mot,

    Tell me which side I’m playing and which map to tune into.  I’ll have a go.  I’ll even give you initiate on the first move.


  • Cool.  I’ll take the Allies again I guess.

    Select your army (just remember the module is somewhat incomplete in terms of images and only has Set 1 right now) but don’t post it for a few hours so I have time to make one too.

    We can roll for the map and then I’ll provide a download link for the correct module.


  • '19 Moderator

    I’ll give it a go,

  • dezrtfish and Audacity,

    MotCreations.com (my website and email) is down so I’ve got to deal with that right now.  I’ll pick up a game against you guys once I am sane again  😄

    Please play against each other and post the results and any suggestions you have.

    If you both PM me your builds I can roll for a map and get a game started for you guys to take and run with.


  • '19 Moderator

    I’m going to have to hold off, I just got orders to go to Kansas for a month, I will have to see what the resourses are like there before I can commit to anything.

  • I’d be interested in trying it out.  I have mapview, but not the latest build by motdc.

  • PM Audacity and see if he is game.  I am crossing my fingers I’ll have a website, and email, and (most importantly a domain again) in about a week, then I’ll be in the mix too.  Though I’m itching to work on the AAM modules too.

    I can email any needed files if you are not at say build 1.3.17 or higher.  Just PM me if needed.


  • PM is away.  Also, if anyone else has the latest UDMs, please PM me or email them to the addy in my profile.  Much obliged!

  • How much email space do you have?  There are six UDM files (one for each base map) and each is 1.x megs.


  • I can take it!  Bring them on!  I can’t get anyone around here to play with me.  I’m getting tired of playing with myse…wait…  Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing the viability of this program!!!

  • Email sent, we’ll see if it makes it through the ether…

  • bump How are the repairs to the website coming?  Any chance I can download the files anywhere soon?

  • Working on it.  My domain was snatched by my prior web hosting company.  It’s very hard to get these kinds of issues resolved.


  • It only took a month, but I think I have finally reclaimed control of MotCreations.com!  I’ll find out for sure tomorrow and then I can update the DNS to my server and in a couple of days I’ll have a website and an email adress again!  (And of course FTP so people can start using AAM)!


  • Sweet!  I’m anxiously awaiting!

  • Website is back up.  The links are at the bottom of the other PBEM thread.

  • From my current game with Stimpy

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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