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Full set of war at sea, sale or trade for any A&A minis

  • just reply to my post i will get back to you at my earliest convienence, thx

  • Don’t quote me on this one dude, but I think I’m still missing a USS Enterprise, an HMS Hood, and the rare French ship. (Richelieu?)

    Anyway, lemme know what pieces for land-based minis you’re looking for, and I’ll see what I got…

  • I would like to trade the following pieces for War at Sea pieces. I tried the ground war, but am a Navy man at heart.
    I’m willing to trade them all, or in pieces, just as long as I get some nice War at Sea figures.
    PM me if interested in working a trade.

    Set #1
      France (FR)                   
    3  1/48  Common  MAS 7.5mm Rifle             
      Soviet Union (SU)                   
    3  3/48  Uncommon  Commissar             
      United Kingdom (UK)                   
    2  7/48  Common  6-Pounder Antitank Gun             
    1  8/48  Rare  Churchil Crocodile             
    1  10/48  Uncommon  Humber Scout Car             
    1  11/48  Uncommon  Inspiring Lieutenant             
    2  12/48  Uncommon  M3 Stuart             
    2  13/48  Common  Royal Engneers             
    4  15/58  Uncommon  Vickers Machine-Gun Team

    United States (US)                   
    1  16/48  Common  Bazooka             
    2  17/48  Uncommon  Jeep             
    2  18/48  Common  M1 Garand Rifle             
    1  21/48  Uncommon  M4A1 Sherman             
    1  23/48  Common  Marines M2-2 Flamethrower             
    1  24/48  Common  Mortar M2             
    3  25/48  Uncommon  “Red Devil” Captain             
                    Germany (GE)                   
    1  26/48  Rare  Jagdpanther             
    1  27/48  Common  Light Mortar             
    3  28/48  Common  Mauser Kar 98k             
    3  29/48  Uncommon  MG 42 Machine-Gun Team             
    1  30/48  Common  PAK 38 Antitank Gun             
    4  32/48  Uncommon  Panzer IV Ausf. G             
    1  36/48  Rare  sIG 33
    3  37/48  Uncommon  SS-Haupsturmfuhrer
    2  39/48  Common  SS-Panzergrenadier
      40/48  Rare  Tiger I
      Japan (JP)     
    1  43/48  Common  47mm Type 1 Antitank Gun
    1  44/48  Common  Arisaka Rifle
    1  45/48  Uncommon  Imperial Sergeant
    1  47/48  Uncommon  Type 92 Machine-Gun Team
    1  48/48  Rare  Type 95 Ha-Go

    Set #2
                  Nationalist China (CH)                   
    1  2/45  Uncommon  Kuomintang Officer             
      Soviet Union (SU)                   
    1  7/45  Uncommon  Cossack Captain             
    1  8/45  Common  Fantatical Sniper             
      1  14/45  Common  ZIS-2 57mm Model 1943
      United Kingdom (UK)     
    1  15/45  Uncommon  Archer
    1  16/45  Rare  Cromwell IV
    2  17/45  Common  PIAT Gunner
      United States     
    1  21/45  Rare  M24 Chaffee
    1  22/45  Uncommon  M5 Half-Track             
    2  24/45  Common  “Screaming Eagle” Paratroopers             
      Germany (GE)                   
    2  28/45  Common  PAK 40 Antitank Gun             
    1  34/45  Uncommon  Wehrmacht Expert Sniper
    1  35/45  Uncommon  Wehrmacht Oberleutnant
                    Japan (JP)     
    2  37/45  Common  Imperial Sniper

  • hey agent orange if you want to trade e mail me at slimeydouche@hotmail.com same with you comatoad sorry for being so slow the comp is not at home

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