• I am an ex-magic (MTG) player and am newly into AAM. friends and i play all of the  A&A board games so we gave this a try…. love it and wanna have some extra fun with it.

    we are just starting our collections and want to expand… but not by just opening boxes and looking… i wanna incoporate a magic like draft of pieces and have some questions about if its been done and if so if these questions were answered.

    1. how many boxes would be appropriate (we were going to do 4 as 3 seemed not enough) ? — also this questions answer may fluctuate based off of #2’s answer.

    2. do you do standard tournament rules where you need 1 axis and 1 allied army and flip for which you play, or can 1 army be sufficient and just play allies v allies or axis v. axis if neccessary?

    3. #of points? (we were thinking 100 points for 2 armies, and 125/150 if you are only playing 1)

    4. any other limitations that you can think up…

    if this has been done or is done on a regular basis how do you do it, and if its something that is off the wall, how would you do it if you were in charge??


  • Realizing that there is a lot contained in these threads, taking an hour or two to read will be a huge benefit.  My recomendation that if you’ve a group of friends playing this that you share the cost of a case and if you can do it, buy a case of each series.  Bulk buying is generally a good thing.  If you want specific pieces there are web sites and even books that have the details about each piece.  Then you can hunt them down individually on ebay and through trades.  I’ll stick to the bulk purchases myself.

  • im not so much worried about the way to aquire the pieces as i/we are fully aware of the bulk sites and we use them. my questions were simply asked to have new fun while opening said packs.

    i used to have mini drafts with MTG cards and was wondering if it is at all possible to do it with AAM boosters as well

  • Keep us up to date with what you come up with, it sounds interesting.


  • Shox,

    Attached is the draft that we talked about the other day modified to incorporate some of the D&D minis rules.  Anyone please feel free to chime in if you think there could be some modifications (Especially in the Draft army Construction phase).  For this example assume four players with 20 boosters (4 from each set).  Draft with 16 of the boosters and roll for selection of the base set boosters.  This is not meant as a tell all on how to draft A&A Minis.  Just the beginning on how I think a good A&A Mini draft could be set-up.  I have not tried it yet but would like to.  The trial will be the real test of where adjustments may be needed.


    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • I’m also an ex-magic player, and drafting interested me. I don’t recall in which version of the rules, but they do have drafting for AAM.

    Two Boxes per player is the standard, and roughly 70 points - this gives you a decentamount of units to play around with. This allows for low cost rares, eg Panzer II C, while usually not forcing you to play with everything you have. You simply use any of the units available to you, Axis/Allies doesn’t matter.

    I’ll have to dig up the rules to see if I’ve got it all right, I’m not 100% sure on the 70 points but I know it’s in the 70-80 area.

  • i found the limited AAM rules…. its a starter and a booster or 2 boosters played with 1 army of 80 points. <<< official from wizards >>>

    my thoughts about this…

    you are getting 18 pieces totally random. appr. 9 axis and 9 allied pieces. building an 80 point army. if you pull a 30-40 point rare tank awesome… but what happens if you pull a 50-65 point tank… you almost can’t use it. and what if you get the pieces i consider “time and place pieces” that have uses, but not every day army usues… it just seems it could get too unbalanced too quickly with only 2 boosters totally random.

    however i am thinking 3 boosters drafted instead of random gives you more options… i would prolly suggest 100 point army or true tournament style with 2 different 80 point armies. with the draft you could either draft heavy axis or heavy allied with 1 army or if doing 2 armies makes you select the best piece from the box. it takes some of the randomness of opening out of the picture. then if you pull that 50+ tank you could be more inclined to take a good UNC instead and hope that you are getting passed a 30ish tank that the next player didnt need for his army.

    honestly there is so much that you could do… and withing the next 2 weeks I will be doing this… will post all rules and results after then.

    what we do know… it will be 4 players with prolly 3 (maybe 4 if we have lots of time) boosters choosing (1x reserves, 1x d-day, 1xcontested skies) or we could sub in a set II or base set as we will be doing the 10 pack to save money and give most variety.

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