The War Game - Massive Axis and Allies Variant

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    This is another balancing factor; the Axis was always running out of fuel while the Allies had a surplus.  This was a huge factor towards the end of the war as the Axis had intact aircraft and crews but no fuel to keep them in the air.  Since A&A doesn’t feature fuel it doesn’t count,

    AA does represent this by SBR the loss of income from SBR is your shortage and the loss of territories to an increasing degree limiting German buys.

    I have fuel centers in most of my games with different rules covering them, also depending on the level that the game is abstracting.

    Lost allied colonies:
    uk lost colonies 14.4 ( includes Burma, Borneo, Hong Kong,Malaya)
    us colonies 23.9 (Philippines)
    french 10.9 (French indo china and some very minor payments from Vichy france to Germany)

    British can draw up to 284.0 from her colonies ( Canada, India, Australia) not including those occupied by Japanese and not to the total degree of that number those colonies had their own concerns so the 284 is not a realistic figure… probably realistically 150 is possible.

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    video showing an older version of the map ( i have this map)

  • @Flashman:

    But does IPC value represent soley GDP?

    No, they should not.

    In 1938 Germany had $ 350 mill in GDP income, and used 40 % of that to military outlays.
    Same time USA had $ 800 mill in GDP income, and used 2 % of that to military outlays.

    The GDP income for all countrys stay pretty much the same, but the military outlays increase, Germany used 70 % at the most and USA used 35 % of the most. This is due to political reasons, if US homeland was under invasion they too would have used 70 %. WiF had a sophisticated system to reflect this, for each minor the Axis occupied, the US IPC income would increase by 0.25 % making a very complex game far from the historic correct scripts you often see. The best way for Germany to win was to be a nice guy and do nothing.

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    Mmmm, didn’t get much of a look at the map there!

    IL, are you the ginger one with the beard and spectacles?

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    IL, are you the ginger one with the beard and spectacles?

    im not in the play which is what thats taken from. don’t believe in beards or eye glasses either.

  • I was this close to buy, then I had a glimpse of the map again. The map have 5 sea zones between US and Europe, and 5 sea zones between US and Japan. The only problem with this is that in real world the Pacific is twice as big as the Atlantic. Now I will have a look at the Struggle map with the mountains and ruined Africa. The money is burning in my pocket, burn burn

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    Can’t read all the IPC values so will withhold comment on that.

    As a qualified gameboard surgeon the following issues have to be addressed:

    I don’t think the equal Atlantic/Pacific anomaly is much of a problem.  At least the Atlantic is sufficiently wide to produce an interesting theatre, a big improvement on Revised.  The Pacific was largely empty of units, and if it was realistically larger it would discourage any significant Pacific action, already a problem in Revised.  Nevertheless it does look wrong, but not something that can be cured with acrylics.

    I would:
    add impassable zones of Amazon and Congo Basin
    separate Algeria from Algerian desert
    restore Sinai (and hence Suez canal) to Egypt
    India needs major surgery to remove Pakistan and add sensible divisions
    There are too many petty states in Africa
    As IL has pointed out there are too FEW areas in western Russia; at the very least
    add impassable (to armour) Pripet to southern Belarus
    divide “Caucasus” n/s
    divide “Central Russia” into 3; Moscow(west), North bordering Leningrad, and East between Moscow and Urals

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    They have impassible zones. The picture does not pick it up however. You have to roll to cross and if you fail you lose infantry. When you cheap people finally buy a copy you can add whatever zones you want and screw it up as you like.

    I would add some western Russian zones. India needs to remain as one, when you play you will understand wh

    Adlertag… if theirs anything i will ever say to you for your own good…PLEASE buy a copy… once you open the package you will thank me very much as i will make your year complete. This game is as close as possible in this moment to an advanced axis and allies game. Trust me.

    Your true Heydrich.

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    Poor old India, the whipping boy of Axis and Allies maps.
    A sub-continent which houses the second largest population on earth reduced to a measly single territory with a putrid 3 dollar value.
    To make matters worse, a completely fictional slice is carved off from Sind, NW Province and Punjab and called “Pakistan”.

    There’d BETTER be a damned good reason for doing this.  See my next map for further “comment” on the pestilent “Pakistan Syndrome”.

    Sorry to sound negative about the game, generally I have to admit this is the best map I’ve seen (apart from my own, obviously).  But historical inaccuracies really bug me; why continue the error of having Sinai in Arabia?

    The rules I like; something along the lines of the naval pass-through has been badly needed, and (although nit-picking nay-sayers claim the scale is wrong) a land based equivalent to replace the redundant blitzing rule is a logical addition; hence my 2-1 armour breakthrough rule.

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    Defender retreats
    neutral armies
    separate air combat hit allocations
    better national unit costs

    many new ideas are used.

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    I am hoping to get this in time for my gameday on the 29th if I do I’ll give you all my “expert” opinion.  😄

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    Im having lunch with jeff today. Ill tell him to try to send out his orders ASAP

  • 2019 Moderator

    LOL, tell him the one to Phoenix, the other ones can wait.  😄

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    I know you don’t have the exact breakdown for units, but are the nations all the same, or are they realistically structured like AAR; e.g. loads of infantry and very few battleships and bombers for Russia and China?

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    Of course some nations have different amounts of certain types of units. China,Soviets,and france have less naval. I don’t have exact breakdown… buy a copy of the game and count to your content.

    I own 2 copies and i suggest everybody buy the extra one so they use those pieces for other games and have still one original set. $200.00 is a drop in the bucket.

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    But I have to pay to get it shipped over the duck pond.  Depending on exchange rates, that can DOUBLE the price.

    Plus I have to take out insurance against U-boat sinkings.

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    ask or email them how much that will be. Tell them “Imperious Leader said give me a discount.”

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    Im having lunch with jeff today. Ill tell him to try to send out his orders ASAP

    Well yo ueither hooked me up or Jeff is just a good guy, I got it yesterday and will be setting it up for a full house on Sunday.

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    OK hers a few pointers:

    if your Germany you must attack Egypt and Caucasus on turn one. Each turn after you try to grab one additional territory. You must build ships every turn or the allied power will mess you up quick. Finish off Russia by about 5 turns… doing this does not mean victory… the allies often still win eventually.

    if your japan you must attack Peking on turn one. Also you should take out the US fleet, but advanced players have other options. Try to keep the fleet balance with USA and Japan. If Japan gets in a hole their game goes bad.

    Read and reread the rules many times … if your doing something incorrectly it will dramatically alter the result.

    dont forget to tell the defender to make retreat declarations at the start of each turn.

    the site has a few player aids to keep track of Lend lease which can be tricky.

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    Since your giving tips for axis play can I assume that the odds are in favor of the allies?

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    not really, but i figured you as an ‘axis’ type of player.

    The options for the allies don’t require any ‘very necessary’ types of moves because they get killed in the beginning.

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    Well I do lean a bit axis, agressive tendancies… 😄

    I’ll let you know how it goes on monday.

  • was my post deleted ?

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    no i see its right above mine

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    More questions about the unit pieces; will they be available per country, or just as a complete set?

    And is there any chance we can order them in custom colours, for example Japanese doods in white?  Or maybe in “singed tangerine” for incorporation into A&A standard games?

    I want Chinese Nationalists in poached Turquoise, damnit!

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